[IPOH TRAVELS] A Walk to “Memory Lane” – Sunday Flea Market in Ipoh

[IPOH TRAVELS] A Walk to “Memory Lane” – Sunday Flea Market in Ipoh

Take a walk to Jalan Horley on Sunday mornings if you are in Ipoh town. The street is also called “Memory Lane” , “Loken” or “Pasar Karat” (rustic market) by the locals. This is the open-air flea market that happening every Sunday morning.
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat-5
We were in Ipoh over the weekend and decided to take a walk after our breakfast. The flea market here is a place to explore hidden gems, rare and second hand items.It was quite amazing where you can see familiar items that your grandparents or even your parents used to have. It is like reminiscing the childhood memories and old school times.

As you walk along the streets, there are different stalls displaying their personal goods and collectables items. Who knows you might find rare antiques with affordable pricing here!
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat-4
Some said the market is called “thieves market” because they assumed that the goods sold were stolen and re-sold to the traders. This reminds me of those drama scenes seen on TVs. Don’t you think so?
Nevertheless, it is quite an interesting place to explore here in the market.We explored the place, watch how the locals bargain and also things that they sell in flea market.Some of the vendors are friendly and you can just approach them for a casual chit chat.

Here are some photos taken during my walk to the memory lane. I even spotted my childhood toys and also limited edition stuffs here in one of the stalls.
Ipoh Memory Lane-1
Ipoh Memory Lane
Ipoh Memory Lane-10
Ipoh Memory Lane-9
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat-3
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat-2
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat-1
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat-6
Ipoh Memory Lane-2
Ipoh Memory Lane-3
Ipoh Memory Lane-4
Ipoh Memory Lane-5
Ipoh Memory Lane-6
Ipoh Memory Lane-7
Ipoh Memory Lane-8
The flea market is listed as one of the popular tourist destination by Tourism Malaysia Perak. So, be sure to include this place in your itinerary!
Ipoh Memory Lane-Pasar Karat
The flea market starts as early as 6:00am till 1:00pm.

Jalan Horley, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

There are other heritage places to explore in Ipoh but unfortunately we do not have time to do it.I will be back for more.

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