[SG EATS] Sushiro Singapore @Tiong Bahru Plaza- Japan’s Largest Kaiten Sushi Chain

[SG EATS] Sushiro Singapore @Tiong Bahru Plaza- Japan’s Largest Kaiten Sushi Chain

Sushiro, Japan’s largest kaiten sushi chain has opened its very first outlet in Singapore at Tiong Bahru Plaza on 19 August 2019. Sushiro serves over 149 million customers at its outlet in Japan a year and has been generating the highest revenue in Japan’s kaiten sushi industry for eight consecutive years from 2011 to 2018.Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru-3
Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru-1
Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru
Sushiro uses three sushi robots to create its offerings. Each machine employs the same authentic sushi-making techniques used by a true sushi master. One machine can produce up to 3,600 vinegard rice in an hour. The machine also has a warming function to keep sushi rice at body temperature. Two other machines are tasked with automatically rolling the vinegard rice, ingredients and seaweed ‘nori’ paper into either gunkan or makimono sushi. There is also IC chip attached to the bottom of each plate that enable Sushiro to collect data regarding customer’s preference, and prepare dishes on demand, thus effectively reduce food waste. It also helps to ensure the freshness of its products, where it is programmed to automatically remove a sushi plate after it travels about 350m on the lane.
Sushiro Singapore
How it works?
Diners can place their order using the ordering pad displayed on the table or take it from the sushi conveyor belt. Once you order through the ordering pad, the orders will deliver using the sushi conveyor belt to your designated table. Superb cool, right? Also, there are total 3 plates pricing, Red Plate S$2.20 , Gold Plate S$3.20 and Black Plate S$4.80.

Special mention: Sushiro is offering 3 most popular sushi dishes in Japan at the Singapore outlet, which are Tuna sushi S$2.20, Yellowtail sushi S$3.20 and Salmon Roe sushi S$3.20.

Here are some of the sushi offers in Sushiro and priced according to the colour of the plates.
Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru-sushi-1
Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru-sushi-2
My favourites include Fatty Tuna, Scallop Large serving sushi, Crab Meat Butter Gunkan, Grilled Unagi with Cheese and Uni ( Sea Urchin Sushi).
Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru-sushi
Apart from sushi, Sushiro also offers ramen priced from S$5.50 onwards, Chawanmushi priced at S$3.50 and miso soup at S$2.50 only.

Desserts include Matcha Parfait S$6.50, Mango Shaved Ice S$6.50, Warabimochi S$3.80 and Mille Crepe S$3.80.
Sushiro Singapore-Warabi Mochi
Sushiro Singapore-Dessert
As for the drinks, place your order and the service staff will serve the empty cup to you. You will need to self-service and get your drinks from the drinks station.

And Sushiro is having opening specials where they handpicked four sushi items for a special promotion. The Fatty Tuna (Otoro) sushi, Sea Urchin (Uni) sushi, Swordfish sushi and Ark Shell sushi will retail at prices starting from only S$2.20! While stocks last.
Sushiro Singapore-Tiong Bahru-2
Overall, I think the sushi here are affordable and the ingredients are directly imported from Japan. Thus, I personally think it is value for money especially the current promotion. And there are many sushi choices to choose from the menu list and sushi conveyor belt. You will be spoilt with choices.

Customers are advised to download the Sushiro Singapore Official App on iOS or Android to make reservations through the app. Then, check-in at the counter in-store with your booking number. For more details available at their official website.

Sushiro Singapore
Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-118
Tiong Bahru Plaza,
Singapore 168732
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Website: https://www.akindo-sushiro.co.jp/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SushiroSingapore/

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