[SG EATS] Hong Kong’s Social Place Restaurant Opens in Singapore at Forum The Shopping Mall

[SG EATS] Hong Kong’s Social Place Restaurant Opens in Singapore at Forum The Shopping Mall

Social Place Restaurant established in Hong Kong finally opened their first outlet in Singapore. The restaurant is well-known with its contemporary Chinese cuisine and traditional Hong Kong dim sum. It is also one of the recommended restaurants to go when you travel to Hong Kong.
Social Place-Forum Shopping Mall-3
Their first outlet located at Forum The Shopping Mall is their first overseas outpost since their first establishment in 2014. We are greeted with modern interior settings and one of the highlight is the mural wall made up with mahjong tiles. The restaurant even has a space for ping pong table.
Social Place-Forum Shopping Mall
Social Place-Forum Shopping Mall-1
Social Place-Forum Shopping Mall-2
Moving on are the classic Chinese dishes we tried during the tasting session:
Iced Okra S$6.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Iced Okra
Chilled okra is topped with a golden and addictive mass of finely chopped garlic then quick-fried in butter to cut the ‘spiciness’ of raw garlic while retaining its pale yellow hue, then seasoned with a signature blend of condiments including sesame oil and soy sauce.

Cold Foie Gras in Special Fermented Rice Wine S$16.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Cold Foie Gras in Special Fermented Rice Wine
Refreshing plate of cold dish before the mains.

Shrimps in Chinese Wine S$16.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Shrimps in Chinese Wine
Refreshing steamed prawns marinade of fragrant Hua Diao, premium fish sauce and Sichuan pepper. My foodie friends enjoyed it!

Charcoal Custard Bun S$8.80++
Social Place Restaurant-dim sum-Charcoal Custard Bun
Social Place Restaurant-Charcoal Custard Bun
Beautiful charcoal custard bun with an artful gold brush strokes for a nice touch. Once broken into, the coal black bun reveals a brilliant yellow, savoury sweet custard filling. We approved!

Deep-fried Lobster Glutinous Puffs S$7.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Deep-fried Lobster Glutinous Puffs
Social Place Restaurant-dim sum-Deep-fried Lobster Glutinous Puffs
Mangosteen-shaped treats come with a savoury filling of crab meat cooked in a heady lobster broth.

Truffle Shiitake Buns S$6.80++
Social Place Restaurant-dim sum-Truffle Mushroom Bun
Cute and soft mushroom-shaped bun for vegetarian option and the truffle oil is not overwhelming. It is just right!

Wagyu Char Siu S$28.00++
Social Place Restaurant-Wagyu Char Siew
Barbecued beef meats immersed in a soy-based marinade, then grilled and finished with black pepper that accentuates the dish’s meaty, caramel notes. Totally umami flavours and couldn’t stop after one slice.

Sweet & Sour Pork on Ice S$24.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Sweet & Sour Pork on Ice
Grand entrance dish served with crushed and cubed ice that keep the battered pork crisp and lend the dish a glittering finish. It is a combination dish of hot and cold, and sweet and sour with pineapple chunks in the sauce. Melons and blueberries are served together to add in sweetness to the dish.

Eggs (Ain’t) That Simple S$22.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Eggs (Ain’t) That Simple
A platter of Sichuan chicken which is stir-fried with chillies, peppers, garlic and cashews then presented with two mango pudding ‘yolks’ nestled within egg shells. Definitely a well-execute balance to counter the Sichuan spice. Shiok for those who enjoy spices!

Roasted Quail S$9.90++
Social Place Restaurant-Roasted Quail
Signature dish here prepared by braising the bird in a proprietary concoction infused with more than ten different spices and herbs. The bird is then roasted to render its exterior crisp and glimmering and its interior succulent and flavourful. The flavour is chicken-like but subtly different and best to enjoy it while its served warm.

Baby Cabbage in Soya Milk S$16.80++
Social Place Restaurant-5
Young cabbage greens stewed in soya milk.

Seafood Crackling Rice Soup S$24.80++
Social Place Restaurant-Seafood Crackling Rice Soup
This dish featuring the seafood rice soup topped with toasty crispy rice. The sizzling and crackling sounds of the piping hot crispy rice as it is poured into the soup surely impress the guests. The soup is prepared by simmering crab and prawn shells for several hours, thus explains the essence of the dish.

Small Pig Pudding S$6.80++ per piece
Social Place Restaurant-Pig Pudding
This dessert is best for the gram or even tiktok video as seen in social media. Jiggle with every shake or doing the ‘smack the butt’ video would probably one of the highlight.

Social Place Singapore
Address: Forum The Shopping Mall
#01-22, 583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884
Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday
11:30AM – 2:30PM | 6:00PM – 10:00PM

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