[SG EATS] PUTIEN Oyster Fest Returns – 6 Dishes To Try This Season

PUTIEN Oysters season is back from 1 November 2019 to 31 March 2020. When Autumn comes around, the oysters are prime for harvesting as they are at their plumpest and juiciest. The optimal harvesting period continues until March the following year. The oyster promotion is available at all PUTIEN restaurant outlets island-wide. Enjoy any two varieties of oyster dishes for a special price of S$33.80 (Terms and Conditions apply).
Note: There will be a break in between for the Lunar New Year festives-dates to be advised).

We are delighted to check out the 6 different oyster dishes.
Pan-Fried Oysters coated with Bee Hoon S$16.90++
New oyster dish for this year is the Pan-Fried Oysters coated with Bee Hoon. It is made from the famous Putian Heng Hwa Bee Hoon. After pan-frying delicately, the bee hoon is topped with egg yolk and a handful of oysters. Look at the golden brown surface of the rice flour bee hoon for a crispy touch. It is best paired with PUTIEN’s signature, Spice Mum Chilli Sauce for a burst of flavours!

Seasoned Oysters S$16.90++
Traditional Putian culinary practice cooked with just salt to preserve its original flavour.

Deep-Fried Battered Oysters with Seaweed S$16.90++
Juicy oysters wrapped in Putian’s delicate seaweed and fried to a crisp.

PUTIEN Crispy Oysters S$17.90++
Pan-fried oyster dish which is a classical Fujian dish and it is a traditional home cooked dish. It is a combination of oysters and fried eggs. Simple and yet comforting dish!

Pan-Fried Egg mixed with Oysters and Supreme Laver S$18.90++
All-time favourite oysters and seaweed dish.

Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup S$16.90++

Oyster soup is prepared with local special cooking techniques- a few drops of white vinegar and a dash of pepper to enhance the appetite. It is a staple in every home in Jiangkou, a coastal city in Fujian.

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