[TRAVEL GUIDE]Top 5 Destinations to Revisit Again Once Travel Ban is Lifted!

Hey guys, how are you? Are you guys practicing social distancing as best you can? I know the title looks kind of morbid, but we all need a bit of lift-up in our traveling spirit to get through this moment. So, if you already find Jetstar Singapore flight promotions along the way, don’t lose track of it, who knows? The promo might still be up for these destinations once the travel ban is lifted. Not just from Jetstar, but other airlines like Scoot, Singapore Airlines and such.Covid-19 is a global pandemic and has affected the destinations we all love to travel to, be it for the culture, the architecture, the shopping factor or just mainly for the fun of it. My entry is to give you the bucket list you AND I need to do once we are in the clear again.

Let’s get to it!

The top 5 destinations we all need to revisit again are:

KOREAKorea is and always will be one of the top tourist spots in the world. Korea has some of the best cultural experience if you are one of the cultural travelers. The k-Pop culture was born here and has taken the world by storm. We all love Korean food, we love the culture, entertainment, and even the fashion sense! Korea is very close to our hearts as a must-visit travel destination. Historical places like the Hwaseong Fortress, Changdeokung, Gagwonsa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple, and Haedong Yonggung Temple are a must-visit site. The scenery from those temples is simply breathtaking.


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Italy may be one of the highest affected countries of the pandemic, but this doesn’t downgrade the attraction it continuously has on people, not just the locals but travelers worldwide. Italy has the best architecture, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Have you seen that place up close? It’s going to amaze you off your socks. Other amazing places that made Italy a worldwide attraction including Islands of Venice, City of Naples, Old City of Rome, The Amalfi Coast, and Mount Vesuvius and Pompei. Pompei has an interesting history that when you read about it and be on-site to witness the remnants – we have to go back there once this is over.


Credit: http://instagram.com/crappysotong

Ugh, what is not to like about London? Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge are some of the cool places to visit when we’re on a holiday to London. If you’re not in it for the sites, then you should put the food on the list because Camden Market has some of the best local delicacies, plus, shopping-central as well. You can find not only food, but there are stalls on crafts, shirts and every other cheap stuff you can find.

VIETNAMAmong the Southeast Asia group, I think Vietnam is very rich in aesthetics if you know what I mean. It’s like Vietnam has a very rich holistic mecca and this is translated into the various temples and cultural events they have there such as Hue and My Son. Apart from that, they have some of the best islands and beaches out there. Halong Bay and Phu Quoc Island are one of a kind.

And last but not least…

I bet you thought I had a typo or something when I didn’t include the fifth destination. Our hometown itself is the place we have to enjoy first when we are all free of the Covid-19 pandemic scare. Singapore is home to a lot of interesting places. Our Merlion is not only cute but it holds a unique identity to us Singaporeans. We need to revisit the Marina Bay Sands, stand at the top and just lookout as we claimed back our freedom (now I’m being cheesy, but hey, I’m proud of my country!). Other places we should rush over to are the Safari Zoo, the Lumina Forest, the ArtScience Museum and just make our city lively again.

I know it’s pretty short, but it is a bit of something to give us something to look forward to during these hard times. Either you’re are eyeing on those cheap flights from Singapore to Seoul online or to London, Italy or even Vietnam, don’t bury your hopes just yet.

Stay safe, everyone! We will get through this! Singapore will prevail and we will prevail!

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