[BEAUTY TALK] Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: What to Know

In today’s stressful world every girl has to deal with the hassle of life and look beautiful at the same time. The hustle leads to tiredness and lack of sleep which then leads to dark circles. Though it is just not lacking sleep that leads to the saddening situation, a bunch of factors is involved in it. To know everything from risk factors to the prevention of the dark circles, read the blog further.

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When talking science, the area beneath the eyes tends to be dark because of the hyperpigmentation caused due to contracted blood vessels and various other causes including:
• Allergies or hay fever
• Anemia from iron deficiency
• Decreased levels of fatty tissue around the eyes
• Excessive exposure to sunlight
• Smoking
• Aging
• Rubbing eyes more frequently
• Inherited genes
• Dermatitis
• Thyroid Conditions
• Eye Drop Treatment for Glaucoma

Are There Any Medical Treatments?
Dark circles are a matter of concern when you don’t notice them getting any better. Of course, there are various medical treatments available, all you need to do is consult the right professional and they may guide you further. Talking about a list of treatment options your doctor is more likely to consider is as follows:
Kojic Acid
Coming from two species of fungi, Kojic acid holds the ability to fight dark circles. However, there are chances you might experience skin-reddening or dermatitis.

Topical Creams
A sort of bleach cream, using a topical cream helps in lessening hyperpigmentation and can be found in types namely tretinoin, hydroquinone, and combination of both.

Azelaic Acid
Most of the times hyperpigmentation tends out to be the cause behind dark circles and using azelaic acid acts best in treating the dilemma. According to NU skin reviews, using azelaic acid is safe for longer periods but, getting it confirmed by the doctor is a must.

Every medical treatment depends upon the causes of the dark circles and in case of the cause being the thinning of the skin under the eyes or lessening of fatty tissues, your doctor is more likely to choose fillers as a dormant option.

Getting it done through lasers is also a potential way to treat dark circles and can turn out to be effective as well. The type of lasers during the procedure either include pulsed dye lasers or diode lasers that take care if no scars are left behind.
The last option remains surgery namely Blepharoplasty when the dark circles are caused due to the heaps of fat or collected skin under the eye area. However, your eyes are extremely delicate and an important part of the body thus, discussing with your doctor before choosing the surgery option is recommendable.

Prevention Measures
We talked about the causes, risk factors, and medical treatments available for dark circles but, talking about the preventive measure is equally important. Tracking the early signs of dark circles and taking necessary steps can possibly lessen the chances of their growth and it’s possible by getting enough sleep, protecting eyes from the sun, and stopping smoking or any kind of alcohol consumption. Following a healthy lifestyle cannot just heal your dark circles but, help you lead a life with positive discernment.

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