[SG EATS] HotPot Master Delivery Services That Deliver To Your Home HotPot Master At S$68.00+ NOW (LIMITED OFFER)

[SG EATS] HotPot Master Delivery Services That Deliver To Your Home HotPot Master At S$68.00+ NOW (LIMITED OFFER)

When comes to hotpot/ steamboat, it is the all-time favourite bonding food with family and friends. Although we are currently in Phase 2 and able to dine out again, I would still prefer to stay home as much as possible except for work purposes. HotPot Master Delivery, a subsidiary under Neo Group Limited has recently delivered a set of their current promotion Super Value HotPot Set for 2-3 pax S$68.00+ (Usual S$86.00) to my doorstep.The set comes with rich soup broth and 14 fresh ingredients. We get to choose 2 soup base 1.5litre from the following choices:
(a) Superior Collagen Soup ( + add S$8.00)
(b) Power Laksa (+ add S$8.00)
(c) Yang Sheng Mala (+add S$5.00)
(d) Herbal Chicken (+ add S$5.00)
(e) Cordyceps Flower Mushroom (+add S$5.00)
(f) Herbal Vegetarian (+add S$5.00)
*All set comes with 1 complimentary top-up soup 1.5litre, which I think is quite generous and worth it.

Moving on are the hotpot ingredients included in the set:(a) Seafood: Gui Fei Abalone Slices & Premium Crab Sticks
(b) Meat: Shabu Pork Collar Slices & Marinated Chicken Slices
(c) Handmade Items:Handmade Fish Balls, Handmade Teochew Meat Balls
& Shrimp Dumplings
(d) Veg & Mushroom: Bai Chai, Baby Spinach, Pearl Corn & Enoki Mushroom
(e) Others: Claypot Ee Mian & Knife Shaved Noodles
(f) Dipping Sauce: Signature Lemon Lime Chilli

We also add on their signature items, which are the Tobiko Prawn Paste S$9.90 and Drunken Chicken –S$16.80. My sisters enjoyed both signature items. The Drunken Chicken is well-marinated and the flavours seeped into the broth and give a nice packed flavour to the broth. Shiok!

All the ingredients are packed nicely and sealed well keeping it fresh. Even the broth are covered with cling films before covering up with the lid cover to ensure the broth are still hot when it arrives at my doorstep. All the food is packed in chiller bag and filled with ice pack.

What we enjoyed the most is that their nourishing rich soup base is cooked and simmered for over 8 hours with fresh and high quality ingredients. Look at the amount of herbs they used in their signature collagen soup.As for the second broth, we chose Herbal Chicken broth and I used it to cook congee the next day. It was a comforting meal indeed!HotPot Master also offers various dining set-ups (standard table, buffet, party). They also assist in cleaning ups before and after dining with fee applicable. If you require HotPot equipment, there is an optional rental fee of S$10.00 per pcs for drop & go service too. For more details, click here.

It is available for self-collection and delivery with fee applicable.
Order online at www.hotpotmaster.sg
Note: Self-collection is available from No. 1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813

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