We all want a smile with white teeth and in order to achieve it, we will usually seek for dental checkup for teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatment can cost easily from S$200 onwards for single session. There are some LED light teeth whitening available at beauty parlour as well. In order to maintain white teeth, you may require consistent commitment and maintenance.Apart from having regular maintenance sessions for dental check up for teeth whitening that is quite costly, you can do so at home. There are quite a number of Home Teeth Whitening Kits in the market and Mooi Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit is one of them.WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Mooi Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit?
Formulated in USA, Mooi Teeth Whitening Kit doesn’t contain Hydrogen Peroxide. The kit is SGS certified, Halal certified, GMP certified, and HSA notified in Singapore.
Each set comes with a whitening device and 3 teeth whitening pens priced at S$76.00. You can also purchase the refillable pen priced at S$22.00 per stick. However, the price gets cheaper when you purchase in bundle.

WHERE TO BUY?You can purchase at the official website- mooiteeth.com
The instruction is included in the kit as well but here is the summary on the application.
Step 1: Brush your teeth
Step 2: Apply the whitening gel onto the mouth tray or directly on to your teeth.
Step 3: Place the whitening device into your mouth
Step 4: Plug the USB into your mobile device. The device comes with different USB cable to suit your Android or Apple phone.
Step 5: Press the button on the device to activate the light. It will auto go off in 16 minutes!
The instruction manual is straight forward and it is recommended to use the kit for continuously 7 days to achieve the good results.

Here are the photo testimonials from the past clients:

REVIEW The kit is user-friendly and comes with the instruction manual. As for the LED Light Mouth Piece, it is soft as I bite on it and activate the 16 minutes session. I like how convenient it is as I able to attach to my phone and I can still use my phone to do other stuffs. The good thing is that it is self-timer so you do not need to monitor the timing.The whole process is fuss-free and it is minimal discomfort with the mouth piece over your mouth. You will slowly get used to it just like I did. All you need to do after using it is to wash the mouth piece and store it well.The result is quite visible as you can see from the testimonial photos. If you are interested, you can visit the website to purchase.
Note: If you have sensitivity gums , do consult your dentist before using it.

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  1. Hi can I ask..the mouth tray that you bite on..is it soft rubbery? Cos my teeth don’t bite well together, I have an open bite problem so I’m afraid it will be loose even if I try to bite onto it. Like there is a gap between the top and bottom row of my teeth even when I bite my teeth together..not sure if you know what I mean

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