[PRODUCT REVIEW] Masons Home Décor DIY Terrarium Kit

I received a box of DIY Terrarium Kit from Masons Home Décor recently. A terrarium is a glass container containing soil and plants, and kept as decorative or ornamental items.It is also consider as a mini indoor gardens for home decoration. Although this is not my first time doing DIY Terrarium, I am still looking forward to do it. It is like an activity to spend time with yourself or even a bonding session for those who have kids.

My DIY kit box comes with mini plants, assorted decorative pebbles, mix soil, shovels, two open terraria glass jars and accessories. The steps to build a terrarium are easy with simple instructions.
1. Wash the jar thoroughly before you start your DIY
2. Add in the drainage layer and also soil to ensure there is enough space for the roots of the plants to rest.
3. Choose the mini plants you want to decorate into the terraria glass.
4. Lastly add in the accessories to decorate the top layer

Things to know when you have Open Terraria:
1. Open terraria are better suited to plants that prefer less humidity and soil moisture, such as temperate plants.
2. Ensure that you have proper drainage in the terrarium to avoid inflict root rot
3. Suitable for plants such as aloe, cacti and air plant
4. Keep it near the window where there is indirect sunlight
5. Lightly water the plants every week

The kit is a great way for people to get started with terrariums. It gives the experience of planting and building a terrarium, with no assistance required unless it’s kids. The best part of open terrarium is that you do not need to deal with condensation but unfortunately you need to deal with dust. Nevertheless, it is easy to clean the glass by using wet cloth and it is shiny again.

Masons Home Décor offers a variety of DIY Terrarium Kit on their website. If you are into DIY kit, check them out – https://www.mason.com.sg

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with One Hour Florist . No monetary compensation received and only receives the DIY Kit. All opinions are mine.
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