[PRODUCT REVIEW] Antidote Launches Kombucha Drinks Apart From Cold-Press Juice Cleanses

Antidote started off as one of the cold-press juice pioneer in Singapore. The company produces juices made for the health conscious urbanite. Their juices are designed to enhance the overall well-being of every individual. They have juices programme that customized for weight loss, detox and etc. I did my 3 days juice cleansing with them previously in year 2017. Fast forward, they have recently started offering kombucha drinks.What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. It contains antioxidants and probiotics which can strengthen your immunity and improve your intestinal and overall health.

How Does Kombucha Taste Like?
Kombucha has an unique smell and taste. It has interesting flavour profile and all depends on the flavour you select. It may smell fruits, vegetables or slightly vinegary smell. But it is totally normal. The vinegary smell is not very significant but it is notable.

The kombucha that i tried before is usually tea flavoured ones but Antidote version is flavoured with the healthy yet tasty all-natural fruits and vegetables. The team has kindly send over some kombucha drinks for me to try. The kombucha flavours include:
Antidote Kombucha-Revitalizing Red Kombucha
(a) Revitalizing Red Kombucha (For Gut Health)
Ingredients: Orange, Red Apple, Lemon, Watermelon, Lucuma, Baobab
Antidote Kombucha-Evergreen Kombucha
(b) Evergreen Kombucha (For Gut Health)
Ingredients: Red Apple, Lemon, Japanese Cucumber, Celery, Aloe Vera Water, Lucuma, Baobab
Antidote Kombucha-Tropical Earth
(c) Tropical Earth Kombucha (For Gut Health)
Ingredients: Grapefruit, Coconut, Red Apple, Lemon, Milk Thistle, Ginger
Antidote Kombucha-3
Kombucha has complex flavour taste profile to be honest. The tanginess is often balanced by the sweetness of the fruits and vegetables. It is slightly fizzy and yet you can taste the juice at the same time. It has a distinctive taste with perfect balance between acidic, fruity and refreshing profile depending on the flavour you choose. I enjoy all three flavours to be honest. I even paired it with my meals too because you can have it any time of the day.
Antidote Kombucha-1
I have been drinking Kombucha for some time because I do have friends who make their own kombucha and shared with me. But Antidote kombucha version is blended with fruits and vegetables, which has frizzy and fruity taste profile as compared with the tea version that I usually consume.
Both are my fine for my taste profile and I would suggest going for the fruity blend if you guys do not take daily fruits consumption. It also helps digestive problems. I do fart more than usual when I take kombucha to be honest. Farting is a sign if your body especially your digestive tract is working (I googled to find out more). Thus, no need to be shy that you fart a lot. It is a benefit of a healthy body. It is also a sign that the colony of bacteria can eat and break down food in your stomach and intestines more easily.

What Are Antidote Kombucha Benefits?
(a) Priobiotics – provides your gut with healthy bacteria. These bacteria can improve gut health and digestion
(b) Antioxidants– substances that fight free radicals and have anti-oxidizing effects on your liver
(c) All-Natural – Their kombucha is blended with proprietary cold-pressed juices to give the best of both worlds. No preservatives added.
(d) Antibacterial- Loaded with polyphenols and organic acids, Kombucha is able to kill many potentially harmful organisms.

How To Consume?
It is advisable to start slow if this is your first time drinking it and notice how your body reacts. Also, it is advisable to drink just one bottle a day. Over-consumption of kombucha can lead to undesired side effects such as bloating or milk gas as it is a fermented product.
Lastly, kombucha should be stored in a fridge as exposure to heat can affect the overall taste of the beverage.Antidote Kombucha-3

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Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Antidote. All opinions are mine unless stated.

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