[SG EATS] Pratunam Famous Chicken And Pork Leg Rice in Geylang Serving Raan Jay Fai Inspired Crab Omelette

Pratunam Famous Chicken and Pork Leg Rice located in one of the coffeeshop at Geylang Road has caught my attention on my Facebook feed recently. They started their business since mid-June this year. They specialise in local Thai comfort food including the Pork Leg Rice, Chicken Rice and Grilled items.

We pre-ordered the Jay Fai inspired crab omelette a day before we head down. This is required if you want to have a taste of it. We ordered via whatsapp and payment is required to confirm your order.
Pratunam Famous Chicken And Pork Leg Rice 27 geylang road
Pratunam Famous Chicken And Pork Leg Rice -Crab Omelette
I have yet to try the real Jay Fai crab omelette so this is the nearest I can get in Singapore. Their Pratunam Crab Omelette is priced at S$34.90 (4 pax) so be sure you are heading over in a group. Although it looks similar to the original one but there is a difference. The original one has the generous chunks of sweet lump crab in the middle of the fluffy pillow but for this one, there are crab meats in the middle but it is not tad obvious. The egg is not fluffy pillow and tasted more like a bread texture. We guess they may mix it with flour to hold on the shape instead of purely eggs only.It stated that they uses duck and chicken eggs for this dish though.Overall it is not bad and the crab meats tasted sweet and decent too.
Pratunam Famous Chicken And Pork Leg Rice Geylang
Pratunam Chicken and Pork Leg-1
We also ordered their signature Pratunam Pork Leg Rice S$8.90 comprising braised pork leg, fried pork lard, fried shallots, lava egg and vegetables. The star dish served along with a bowl of clear soup. We mixed all the ingredients together before we start digging in. Savoury bowl of goodness with so many ingredients in it and the pork leg is braised till tender and generous serving of fried shallots, which I liked it. The only thing I wish is that there is more gravy or sauce over it. It is a bit dry for me. Maybe that does explain why it comes with a bowl of soup. But still it is a comforting savoury bowl of goodness. To elevates the taste of the ingredients; eat it with their chili sauce to complete the experience.

Pratunam Famous Chicken And Pork Leg Rice -Spicy Fried Chicken Rice
My friend is a fan of fried chicken and she got excited looking at the menu. So, we ordered Spicy Fried Chicken Rice S$6.90 to try. We were quite disappointed when we saw the fried chicken cutlet. Although it is a well-marinated spiced breaded fried chicken cutlet, we thought it might be a frozen one. Taste wise is not bad and perhaps we have expectation after seeing the photo from the menu.
Pratunam Famous Chicken And Pork Leg Rice -Geylang
There are other dishes recommended like their Pratunam Crabmeat Fried Rice and grilled items. My friends and I think that it is a promising stall that serves comforting local Thai food to begin with.And if you are in your young days, the man in their poster is apparently the Mandopop singer William Scorpion. She used to listen to him singing at St. James during the younger days. Those who are in that era and clubs will know who he is.

Pratunam Thai Chicken & Pork Leg Rice
Address: Lorong 27A coffee shop
Singapore 388134
Tel: 94587706
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00PM-10:00PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pratunamfamousfood/

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