[SG EATS] Menbaka Kyoto Fire Ramen Opens In Cineleisure Orchard Singapore

Another new ramen place to tick off your check list in Orchard Singapore. Menbaka Fire Ramen from Kyoto is opening its first overseas outlet in Singapore on 24 November at 3:40pm onwards. There will be 1-1 Promotion going on from 27 to 29 November. The brand is the inventor of Kyoto’s famous fire ramen and with only one outlet in Japan, this also makes Singapore its second outlet in the world. The brand was opened in 1984 by ramen master Masamichi Miyazawa and it has remained as Japan’s Number One Fire Ramen.The outlet in Cineleisure is located on level 5 with a mixture of counter seats and tables. Diners will get to experience the theatrical ramen preparation at the counter seat. Diners can pass the phones to the Chef and he will mount it on a selfie stick across the counter and record on your behalf to capture the moment.Chef will showcase the flipcards of warnings to you before the performance. As you can see from the video, the flames blazed high and hot oil splattered everywhere. Thus, be sure to follow the instructions on the flipcards. It was quite an interesting fire experience. You can totally feel the heat from the counter seat.
And of course go for their signature Shoyu Fire Ramen S$17.90 that consists of chicken, mackerel, seaweed and bonito boiled for over five hours for the aromatic and umami broth. The pouring flaming negi oil on top the green onion broth gives the smokiness broth flavour.

They also launched Singapore exclusive Tonkotsu Fire Ramen S$18.90 , which we thought other Tonkotsu ramen places can do better. But of course tonkotsu lovers, can give it a try if you prefer this over shoyu.
Other items in the menu includes Kyoto Menbaka Fried Rice S$9.90 which wok hei aroma and we enjoyed it. I would recommend ordering this to share on top of your ramen order.
There are two types of Karaage dishes- In House Karaage S$7.90 and Crispy Charcoal Karaage Salad S$14.90. Both karaage dishes are well-executed with the chunky, juicy and crisp along with the greens. The Crispy Charcoal Karaage Salad is rather unique with the tangy yuzu dressing to pair.
As for the drinks menu, special mention is the Authentic Kyoto Matcha Beer S$12.00 made using premium Matcha powder from Uji. It is rather sweet in taste and I think ladies will enjoy it but maybe not for the guys though. They also serve Authentic Kyoto Matcha Latte S$7.90 (hot) / S$8.90 (iced).
We ended our meal with Kyoto Matcha Ice-Cream S$9.90 and Japan Sweet Sake Milk Ice Cream S$10.90.

Note: They only accept walk-ins for now.

Menbaka Kyoto Fire Ramen
Address: Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road #05-03
Singapore 239695
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00PM – 9:00PM
Website: http://www.fireramen.com/menbaka/index_jp.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menbakasg/

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