[SG EATS] Miznon – Casual Israeli Eatery by MasterChef Israel Judge, Chef Eyal Shani Opens in Singapore

Miznon Singapore located at Stanley Street is a casual Israeli eatery established by Chef Eyal Shani, judge on MasterChef Israel. The brand hails from Tel Aviv, Israel has established an international footprint of 10 outlets across the cities of Vienna, Paris, New York, and Melbourne. Their latest venture in Singapore was officially opened last week. Miznon Singapore is a joint venture opened by Israelis, Tal Eisenberg and Singapore residents, co-owner Nadav Cohen. They also the people behind Aussie café Carrotsticks & Cravings.Miznon Singapore-Stanley Street-1
Miznon Singapore-2
Miznon Singapore-1
The 42 seater eatery was full house when I was there on a Wednesday night. They accept reservation and walk-in customers. I also noticed that there are people walking in for takeaway as well.

When it comes to Israel, the first thing that came into my mind is kebabs, pitas and hummus. These are the staple of Mediterranean cuisine that I could think of. And true enough the menu here offers 11 types of pitas that include vegetarian options too. The pitas here are made specially for Miznon with Chef Shani’s recipe by a bakery in Israel. The pitas comprise a proprietary mix of different flours and its an unparalleled rendition with a fragrant, savoury and nutty taste complemented by a soft, fluffy and slightly chewy texture. It really tasted different from the usual ones I had before.

We tried four types of pitas during the session.
Ratatouille S$17.00
Miznon Singapore
The French classic meatless pita (vegetarian option) that comprises chopped hardboiled eggs, an eggplant, zucchini, tomato, carrot and onion stew. And of course the chilled tahini and a housemade green chilli dressing for extra spices and flavour. Complex and packed of flavour pita that even my friend who does not take eggplants enjoyed it too.

Abu Kebab S$24.00
Miznon Singapore-Abu Kebab
Pita stuffed with juicy lamb & beef drizzled with tahini, chilli, salsa, pickles, onion and parsley. Every component was well-executed and bursting with flavours.

Chicken Liver S$18.00Fans of chicken liver can give this a try! We loved it the expertly-charred chicken livers stuffed in a pita padded with a chopped spring onions and onions schmear for a nice sweet and fresh contrast to the buttery livers, cool tahini, green chilli dressing and more spring onions. While some may find liver has this intensely strong flavour, this is indeed a good play of mixture in the ingredients used.

Steak & Egg S$21.00
Miznon Singapore-Steak & Egg
Pita stuffed with sour cream, tomato, onion , japanese cucumber, fried egg and tender juicy steak. The flavours here are not tad strong as compared to the earlier ones I tried. It is lacking on the dressing part but then again the main highlight of the ingredient is to showcase the steak flavours.

Baby Cauliflower Flower S$16.00
Miznon Singapore-Baby Cauliflower Flower
This is also the recommended dish to try in Miznon.It is served whole with its leaves with a beautifully charred exterior. The flower is kept whole and seasoned with olive oil and roasted in the oven at high temperature for the crispy crust with a tender and creamy interior. True enough, it has the charred taste and soft in the inside.

Intimate S$24.00
Miznon Singapore-Intimate
Beef Short Ribs stew served with roots stew, tahini, onions, pickles and chilli, It has the familiar local taste in it when we first tried. Nicely executed but for that price and the portion served, I might need to consider. I would go for pitas over this.

Hraime S$26.00
Miznon Singapore-Hraime
Spicy Moroccan Barramundi Stew served with light and sweet aroma tomato stew and spices along with pitas. Nicely seasoned fish I would say but not a fan of their tomato stew though. I thought the taste can be more flavourful though.

I would recommend to go for their pitas and I am planning my next visit here again. The highlights here are surely their pitas and tahini. Their pitas, flatbread here are pillowy and fluffy and able to hold the ingredients well and taste as good as it look. It is indeed a hearty Mediterranean food that I had after so long.

Miznon Singapore
Address: #01-01, 6 Stanley St.
Singapore 068725
Opening Hours: 11:00AM -11:00PM
(Closed on Sunday)
Tel: 6223-0716
Website: www.miznonsingapore.com

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