[EXPLORE SG] Bollywood Veggies Organic Farm At Kranji Singapore

My friends and I went for a walk at Sungei Buloh over the weekend and decided to venture to Bollywood Veggies for lunch since it is 5 mins drive from Sungei Buloh. Both are located quite ‘ulu’ or we can say it is a hidden gems in Singapore. No travelling this year so we are on a quest to rediscover Singapore. Bollywood Veggies is an organic farm in Singapore where it was co-founded by Lim Ho Seng and Ivy Singh-Lim. You can Google about the history or visit their official website for more information about the history.Like I mentioned, we are here for lunch at their Poison Ivy Bistro. The restaurant/ eatery place is located in the farm. They uses ingredients fresh produce from the farm to serve customers. We made prior reservation 2 weeks beforehand because this place is always full house especially on weekends. Hence, please make sure you make reservation before you head down to the place. If you are there to explore the farm, no reservation is required.

1. Take Kranji Express Bus from Kranji MRT Station. Available from 9:00AM to 5:00PM
2. GRAB over from Kranji is approximately S$10-15 per trip
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro
My friend shared that they used to only serve vegetarian food but I guessed the menu has been revamped and added meat and seafood dishes in it.
Nasi Lemak Platter S$12.00 (S) | S$22.00(L)
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro- Nasi Lemak Platter
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro- Blue Pea Rice
Since there are 3 of us, we decided to go for size L. The presentation reminds us about Bali and we felt that we are transported to Bali for a split second. Beautifully plated with blue pea rice in the middle along with other ingredients like chicken wings, boiled eggs, vegetables, sambal and peanuts with anchovies. Not the best nasi lemak I had but still not bad as a whole considering the presentation and portion served.

Belimbing Assam Pedas S$18.00
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro- Belimbing Assam Pedas
We also tried their Weekend Specials, which is the Barramundi with Blue Pea Rice. We were extremely pleased that we ordered this. I personally think can be shared up to 2 pax considering amount of fish meat they served. The assam pedas has the mixture of sour and sweet flavour which compliments well with fish and best to go with a bowl of rice.

Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro- Assorted Kuehs
We also tried their assorted kuehs ( Warrior’s Tasting Platter) S$6.00 for dessert that include kueh kosui (palm sugar with grated coconut), banana cake and kueh bingka. I think you can get better ones elsewhere though.
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro- Iced Lemongrass
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro- Iced Bollycino
As for the drinks, we ordered Iced Lemongrass S$2.00 per glass and Iced Bollycino S$5.00 per glass. The Iced Bollycino is basically coffee with palm sugar (gula melaka). My friend ordered this and she shared that it is not a fan of this drink. I guess it is all depends on individual preference.
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro-2
Bollywood Veggies-Poison Ivy Bistro-1
Bollywood Veggies Organic Farm-2
Bollywood Veggies Poison Ivy Bistro
Total meal was S$64.73 inclusive of 7%GST. They only accept NETS and Cash Payment (Please take note). You will need to go to the counter to make payment yourself after the meal. Let the cashier know your table number and they will tabulate the bill for you. The cashier counter is inside the restaurant and we were assigned to outdoor seating. Thus, you get to see the retail section when you enter into the indoor setting where you need to queue for payment.
Bollywood Veggies Kranji Farm
Bollywood Veggies Organic Farm<
Bollywood Veggies Organic Farm-1
Bollywood Veggies Organic Farm -Lotus Pond
After the meal, we went for a short walk around the farm before we go off. It is quite interesting to read the signs display around the farm. There are many interesting herbs and plants in the farm. I think it is a good activities for family and people who wants to enjoy ‘kampung’ lifestyle to come here for a walk or tour.

There is Bollywood farm tour that you can join too. The experienced guides will share the facts and information about the plants here. Workshops are available from time to time. It is a good place for outdoor activities for everyone.

Also, find out more about other Singapore Farm Tours activities here.

Bollywood Veggies (Kranji)
Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road
Singapore 719026
Tel: +65 6898 5001
Website: https://bollywoodveggies.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BollywoodVeggies#

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