[PRODUCT REVIEW] Seagate Ultra Touch Portable Storage – Ultra Small Portable External SSD & HDD

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Seagate Ultra Touch Portable Storage – Ultra Small Portable External SSD & HDD

Ultra Touch SSD is Seagate’s latest addition to its popular line of external SSD storage, now available in Singapore. Swift, small, and featuring Seagate’s Android backup app, Ultra Touch SSD is the ultimate external SSD for storing photos, videos, and music from your mobile device. I was introduced to this portable device few months ago and been using it since then.As you all know by now, I attend events and do media coverage Prohere photos are taken. There are tons of photos taken and I need to save and labelled them in folder for easy future reference. As desktop and laptop have limited storage space, I use portable storage device to store my photos and documents. I am using WD My Passport portable device when Ultra Touch SSD came along.Let me show you a photo for comparison in terms of the design and size. I was amazed by the size and also the weight of the portable device. It is very obvious the Ultra Touch SSD is so much smaller and the weight is only 151gm. What makes this portable device outshines other brand is that it is very light and easy to carry anywhere. You can even keep it inside your pocket due to the credit-size design.

The Ultra Touch also uses woven polyester fabric design instead of the usual designs in the market. It is quite a nice touch and stylish too.

Here are the information for easy reference:

As for the speed wise, it transfer files in seconds with SSD speed which is quite smooth for me. I transfer photos almost daily and this helps to speed up my process too. It also have Sync Plus software that helps make file transfers quick and simple.

I am currently using 1TB version but they are available in 2TB version as well. It has been performing well since I started using in October. I think this is ideal for those who shoot lots of videos or photos. With the purchase of this, you also get a downloadable Toolkit software with Sync Plus, one-year free Mylio Create plan, and two-month complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.

For more information, visit their website here.

For purchase, you can get them online stores.

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