[SG EATS] Rockon Tokyo 六酣東京- Kyoto-style Homecooked Meals & Omakase in Tanjong Pagar

Rockon Tokyo六酣東京 located at Tanjong Pagar Road offers Japanese obanzai cuisine with a side of premium sake. The speciality Japanese restaurant’s name- Rockon is derived from the word Roku in Japanese, which means the number 6. The space only seats a maximum of 22 including counter seats where you can watch chef in action. The restaurant is helmed by head chef Sekiya Katsuyuki and in collaboration with famed sake sommelier Koki Miyoshi.Rockon Tokyo-Tanjong Pagar
As for the menu, they offer a la carte selections and omakase. We were here for the 8-course Omakase meal priced at S$88.00++.We started with Homemade Cold Tofu served with spicy olive oil from Italy, soy sauce and salt. There are many ways to enjoy the cold tofu and each sauce gives a different flavours to it. My favourite still goes to soy sauce after trying all three condiments.
Rockon Tokyo-Assorted Obanzai
Assorted Obanzai that include Hijiki Seaweed, Beans & Tuna Salad, Octopus & Okra Dressed with Japanese Plum Sauce and Lotus Root Ohitashi with Minced Shrimp. These are also available in a la carte selection starting from S$6.00 onwards.
Rockon Tokyo-Boiled Shogoin Turnip & Chicken Dumpling
Next, we had Boiled Shogoin Turnip & Chicken Dumpling with Special Lemon Oil. A comforting and light flavour broth that I can feel a sense of homecooked with tinge of zesty flavours from the lemon oil.
Rockon Tokyo-Sashimi
And of course, Seasonal Sashimi. We had halibut, wild yellow tail and wild blue fin tuna.

Rockon Tokyo-Charcoal-grilled Spanish Mackerel
Moving on, we had the Charcoal-grilled Spanish Mackerel. This warm dish is done in perfection and I enjoyed the texture of the fish. The ginger flower that has a piquant flower with citrus-forward notes gives a nice touch to the dish.
Rockon Tokyo-Deep-fried Crab Dumpling
Deep-fried Crab Dumpling is also one of the highlight of the night. Look at the portion served and it is packed with snowcrab fillings. Sweet and juicy flavour!
Rockon Tokyo-Tamago Kake Gohan
Rockon Tokyo-Ikura Uni Caviar
Lastly, we had the Tamago Kake Gohan that refers to egg topped on rice. You can add-on additional S$60.00 for an option of the Gout-o ICU (Ikura, Caviar and Uni).
Rockon Tokyo-Rock on!Treasure Box Black Truffle
Rockon Tokyo-LV Box
Or go for Rock on!Treasure Box Black Truffle TKG with additional S$80.00. This is where the black truffle is presented in a prized LV box when it is served. The bowl of rice topped with torched egg white meringue and egg yolk before chef shaved some black truffles on it. There are options for sides including Ikura, Uni, Caviar and Crabmeat to complete the experience.
Rockon Tokyo-Honey Lemon Pudding
As for desserts, we had Homemade Honey Lemon Pudding that has a similar texture like creme brulee. Lovely dessert to end the meal with a sweet note.
Rockon Tokyo-Sake
We also had the opportunity to taste the sake topped with black truffle. You can add-ons with additional cost for the sake to complete your meal experience here.

Overall was quite an experience with obanzai Kyoto-style dishes here at Rockon Tokyo. It is my first time trying and the flavours here are rather lighter as compared to the usual omakase I had. Fresh ingredients and home-cooked meals are definitely something comforting that you can look forward here. With the price, I think it is quite affordable and if you are not a fan of omakase, you can try their a la carte menu. My advice is that do make your reservation before heading down to avoid any disappointment.

Rockon Tokyo
Address: 106 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088525
Tel: +65 9731 1136
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 5:00PM-10:30PM
(Closed on Monday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockontokyo

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