[SG EATS] Green Chilli Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Chili Hijau) At Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

I enjoyed eating Malay-style chicken rice because of their chicken marination and chilli/ sambal. Chicken rice in Malay language called Nasi Ayam and I used to have it weekly during my days in Malaysia. So when I came across this Green Chilli Chicken Rice, I am interested to give it a try.I finally made my way to visit the stall and it was 1.50pm when I arrived. I was hoping that the chicken rice is still available since the opening hours stated that they close at 2pm. Thank god! We are in luck! We managed to order the signature Green Chilli Chicken Rice S$5.00 for our late lunch.
The stall only serve one item and its the chicken rice only. There is also note on the stall stating that no cracker is provided if you opt for takeaway.

There is a table right next to the stall where you can have your self-service complimentary chicken soup to complete your meal. Some may not notice it though.
This set of Green Chilli Chicken Rice comes with Basmati Rice, a chicken thigh topped with green chilli, some red chilli and keropok (cracker) at the side. If you require extra chilli, additional cost is required.

We love the taste and texture of the marinated chicken meat. The deep-fried gives a slight crispy outer layer while the flavourful fork tender meat in the inside. The chicken is tasty on its own and I don’t mind ordering another piece of chicken to enjoy. And of course the signature green chilli dressing really does make a difference. Perfectly seasoned with sweetness, tanginess and spiciness enhance the flavours of the chicken. Not forgetting the light basmati rice that gives a good combination to this dish.

And do enjoy the chilli with the keropok. It does taste good! I cannot handle spicy food well but this is still manageable for me. I did not mix both chilli together to eat though. My friend did and it can be quite spicy though.

If I am craving for a good Nasi Ayam, this will be one of my choice in Singapore. We left the place around 2.30pm and the stall is still open for business. There is always people queueing at the stall. I guess they will close once the chicken rice sold out for the day.

Green Chilli Chicken Rice
Address: Blk49 Sims Place
Sims Vista Market & Food Centre
Singapore 380049
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30AM -2:00PM

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