[SG EATS] Birds Of A Feather At Amoy Street Unveils New Sichuan-inspired Western Mainstays

Birds of A Feather located at Amoy Street is known for its contemporary western cuisine with pronounced Sichuan influence. Ever since it’s opening, the restaurant is well-received with positive reviews on their dishes. I visited the restaurant several times throughout the year and the food quality here never fail me. So, I am back here for their new dishes that are created by Executive Chef Eugene See.Here are the highlights during the dinner session:
Birds Avocado and Crab Bruschetta S$18.00++Birds of A Feather-Birds Avocado and Crab Bruschetta
Refreshing and light appetizer to kick start the meal. We had the chunky and creamy crab-avocado combination with a slight kick from the vine pepper. It is topped with beads of caviar for good measure. One thing for sure, it tastes as good as its presentation.

House Cured Duck Breast Bruschetta S$21.00++Birds of A Feather-House Cured Duck Breast Bruschetta
21 Days Cured Magret Duck Breast marinated with Sichuan seasoning, Pistachio Soil to add on earthy note and crumble texture, Fig and Blackberry Marmalade to elevate the dish with the fruity sweetness. The flavor was decent, and you get some of each ingredient in every bite because of how it’s layered.

Double Cooked Pork Belly S$22.00++
Birds of A Feather-Double Cooked Pork Belly
Double-cooked pork belly comprises fermented soybean paste, preserved mustard greens and garlic, the aged liquid is responsible for the meat’s incredible depth of flavour. It is paired with grilled octopus leg that is first boiled and char-grilled to perfection. Also, fregula, a type of pasta from Sardinia along with chestnut, garlic shoot, and fried onion mousseline.

BBQ French Quail S$23,00++Birds of A Feather-BBQ French Quail
French quail has this delightful crisp and smoky hint, which are achieved through the barbecue technique commonly found on the streets of Chengdu. It is first brushed with the signature chilli oil before it is grilled atop a bed of charcoal. When it is fully cooked, it is dusted with a blend of Sichuan spices and served together with corn, endives, and pineapple salad. With a nice grill and blend of spices, the quail is flavored well and umami in flavour. Not forgetting the sides that soothes the overall taste of the dish.

Whole Wild Caught John Dory (800g-1kg)- S$120.00++Birds of A Feather-Whole Wild Caught John Dory
Pre-order is recommended for this wild-caught fish. The fish is known for its firm and flaky flesh and slightly sweet flavour. The charcoal grilled john dory is served with the complementary classic French beurre blanc, charred baby leek, fried capers, broccolini and baby courgetti. What makes the dining experience even better, the waitstaff will pour the sauce over the ingredients when the dish arrives on the table and helps to debone it. Excellent service!

Two Way Braised Tofu with Wagyu Sliced Beef S$25.00++Birds of A Feather-Two Way Braised Tofu with Wagyu Sliced Beef
The wagyu beef slices simmer in the claypot for a while before mixing it with the rich, spicy and numbing peppercorn on the mapo tofu. A good mix and it is good to go with rice served at the side. Classic and satisfying dish as always.

Homestyle Braised Pork Belly S$58.00++Our favourite dish of the night is this claypot goodness that brims with tea tree mushroom, mushroom garlic rice and unctuous pork belly. A combination of salty, umami-savoury and a little bit of heat. Mix it thoroughly to coat each grain of rice with the seeping sauce from the pork belly as well as shaved truffle. A luxurious dish packed with flavours and love how the rice gets charred bite at the bottom and sides for the extra chewy and smoky flavour. I do recommend to order if you ever visit here.

Sichuan Maine Lobster S$42.00++Birds of A Feather-Sichuan Maine Lobster
Instead of the classic Sichuan Boiled Fish/ Pork, this dish showcases a whole Maine lobster tail, tiger prawns, spicy broth, asparagus, white fungus, white bean and chorizo. The dish comes with a thoughtful presentation where the staff will pour hot oil over the dish and the broth will starts to sizzle. A combination of sweet-savoury taste profile here. The Szechuan mala taste is prominent here but not too spicy though.

Glutinous Rice Cake Rock S$15.00++
Birds of A Feather-Glutinous Rice Cake Rock
Lastly, we had the modernize Sichuan sticky rice, where the glutinous rice is pounded by hand, then steamed to achieve that soft, sticky texture. It takes on the rustic appearance of rocks and served with sesame parfait, soy bean powder, chocolate branches, red sugar caramel and rice cracker. A beautiful piece of art indeed!

They are also available online for takeaway and delivery via https://birdsofafeather.oddle.me/en_SG/ . Enjoy 15% off Self Pickup Orders when you key in promo code <RoadRunner> .No minimum spend needed.

Birds Of A Feather
Address: 115 Amoy Street, #01-01
Singapore 069935
Tel: +65 9755 7115
Website: https://www.birdsofafeather.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/birdsofafeathersg/

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