[SG EATS] Wagyu Beef Omakase Experience At Wagyu Jin By Les Amis Group @ Shaw Centre

Wagyu Jin by Les Amis Group located at Shaw Centre is a prefecture-focused Wagyu omakase concept located right in the heart of Orchard Road. The restaurant is led by Executive Chef Makoto Saito and this exclusive restaurant boasts an assortment of A5 Wagyu beef dishes curated to be eaten with just a pair of chopsticks.
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Shaw Centre-1
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Shaw Centre
The restaurant features only premium A5 Wagyu from various Japanese prefectures like Gifu, Shiga, Miyazaki, Iwate and Tochigi, the seasonal Wagyu omakase menu will have 6 – 8 courses. Executive Chef Saito uses different techniques and sources the finest seasonal ingredients from both the land and sea to pair with and accentuate the flavours of each breed of beef. More information is available on their official website.
Available for Wagyu lunch and dinner omakase with price starts from S$118.00++ onwards.
We made a reservation for our birthday month celebration to go for Wagyu Lunch Omakase S$118.00++ and order add-ons for omakase menu. The menu consists of:
Somen with sea urchin & Hokkaido hairy crab
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Somen with sea urchin and hokkaido hairy crab
A cold and refreshing appetizer with sweetness from Hokkaido hairy crab mixed with sea urchin sauce.

Yakiniku – A5 Mizayaki Beef
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Yakiniku A5 Mizayaki Beef
Yakiniku done with A5 Mizayaki Beef that comes in three slices of beef in wasabi, Japanese leek and kimchi with cucumber. Each condiments brings out distinctive flavours especially my favourite Japanese leek. Well-marbled wagyu indeed and wish we can have more than three slices.

Sushi – A5 Hida Beef
One precious piece of A5 Hida Beef sushi that we went speechless after the first bite. Flavours burst in my mouth.

Awabi (Abalone)Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Awabi AbaloneWagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Awabi Abalone-1
Flavourful abalone with liver sauce beneath served with a small portion of rice. We were advised to enjoy the abalone followed by mixing the rice with the sauce. Umami indeed!

Sukiyaki-A5 Tochigi BeefWagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- A5 Tochigi Beef Sukiyaki-1
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- A5 Tochigi Beef Sukiyaki
Next, Sukiyaki with A5 Tochigi Beef served with onsen egg, rice, soup and pickles. We were told to enjoy the flavour profile of the sukiyaki beef before adding in the onsen egg. A good mix of onsen egg with the beef gives a nice touch and distinctive flavours.

Dessert – Yuzu SorbetWagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Yuzu Sorbet
Refreshing yuzu sorbet to mark the end of the meal.
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Dessert
We were given complimentary dessert for the birthday celebration too.
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Sando

The add-ons include Uni Rice, Hokkaido Hairy Crab, Yakiniku A5 Mizayaki Beef and Chateaubriand Sando with A5 Ohmi Beef. We were tempted to try sando and decided to order one set Chateaubriand Sando with A5 Ohmi Beef S$38.00++ to try. Two pieces of bite-size sando, which is just nice for two of us to enjoy it. Nicely executed sando with smooth melting-in-the-mouth texture and juicy flavour.
Wagyu Jin Omakase Les Amis Group- Sando
Overall lunch experience was delightful with attentive and knowledgeable staffs explaining each single dish. My friend was feeling cold, and they offered a shawl for her. Kudos to the team and would love to be back to try their other omakase menu. If you are looking for premium beef experience, I would recommend to give a try here.

Address: Wagyu Jin
1, #02-12 Scotts Rd,
Shaw Centre,
Singapore 228208
Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday 12:00PM-2:30PM | 6:30PM-10:30PM
Website: https://www.lesamisgroup.com.sg/wagyu-jin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wagyujin.sg/

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