[SG EATS] SAKEMARU Artisan Sake Hideout – Japanese Omakase & Wide Sake Collection Experience

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake Hideout is nestled in a shophouse along South Bridge Road is a Japanese restaurant started by the group behind SAKEMARU in early 2021. SAKEMARU is a sake subscription service in Singapore. The restaurant features curated collection of over 300+ type of sake with food menu that is available in ala carte and omakase options. The price is affordable for ala carte dishes and omakase is price at S$200++ per pax onwards.SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- North Bridge Road
It is an intimate space with minimalist industrial accents that highlights its exceptional seasonal Sake and Kappo cuisine.SAKEMARU sake is curated by Head Sommelier Tadashi Okushima, one of the honorary Sake sommeliers designated by the Japan Sake Sommelier Association, to customers.
I was here for the Omakase along with the sake pairing session. It was a delightful experience. Diners can choose from the sake collection to go with their meal. So, no worries as the staff will give the recommendation for the full experience.

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Persimmon and Tiger Shrimp with Dashi Broth JellyFirst up, Persimmon and Tiger Shrimp with Dashi Broth Jelly. The whole piece of persimmon is served and guess what? There is a hidden delectable Wagyu Uni Sushi in it. We only realized that the persimmon was hollow after the Chef Yomogi Daisuke gave us a hint.
Sake Pairing : Kasaichiyo Casareccio: Kyoto Prefecture – White Koji, Grapefruit with fruity notes

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Matsutake Mushroom and Pike Cougar Steamed
Nourishing Donbin Mushi soup with Matsutake Mushroom and Pike Cougar Steamed in Teapot. I personally enjoyed the light, comforting broth then digs out the moreish mushroom and bony pike to enjoy.

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake-Salmon New Ikura Steamed Sushi
Beautifully plated Salmon New Ikura Steamed Sushi.
Sake Pairing: Shichisui Yumesasara 40: Tochigi Prefecture – Pineapple notes

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Horse Mackerel Wrapped in Radish
SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Sashimi
SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Bluefin Tuna
We had three types of seasonal sashimi that day. Featuring the Horse Mackerel Wrapped in Radish, Sliced Usuzukuri (Grouper) with Uni and Bluefin Tuna. Perfect pairing with the recommended sake.
Sake Pairing: Sharaku Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki: Fukushima Perfecture – Banana notes

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Grilled Miyazaki A5 Sirloin with Japanese Yam on Hoba Leaf
Grilled Miyazaki A5 Sirloin with Japanese Yam on Hoba Leaf. This is a popular dish you can find in Takayama or Shirakawa-go. I enjoyed every slice of the umami flavours from the beef and with the added miso sauce, it gives an added depth in flavour. Enjoy it with the recommended warm sake that gives an earthy and savory flavour lingers within your tastebud.
Sake Pairing: Tengumai Yamahai Junmai: Ishikawa Perfecture – Vanilla, Caramel and Mushroom notes, served at 30 degrees celcius. Produce method: Yamahai Style

Let’s Take a Short Break
SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Hairy Crab with Tosazu Jelly Sauce
Hairy Crab with Tosazu Jelly Sauce topped with a whole slice piece of crab meat. Pretty presentation and taste good as it lookd. Splendid indeed!
Sake Pairing: Tatenokawa Muga Junmai Daiginjo Nama: Yamagata Perfecture – Brown Sugar notes

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Fig Tempura
We were served two types- Fig Tempura with white miso mixed with yuzu. First time trying fig tempura and loving it. The sauce made difference and I wish there is more.SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Pacific Saury rolled with fragrant shiso leaf
Next, Pacific Saury rolled with fragrant shiso leaf. Chef use ume sauce for the fried fish for the citrusy flavour and complemented the flavour of the shiso leaf. It made the deep-fried items tasted light and not oily at all.
Sake Pairing: Nabeshima Blossom Moon: Saga Perfecture – Strawberry notes, using Tajima Gouriki rice

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Claypot Rice
I was looking forward for the Mushroom and Sea Eel Claypot rice. Chef made it on the spot and it quite a while before you can enjoy it. Aromatic and light rice cooked in the claypot along with the mushroom and sea eel toppings presented to us before chef mixed it well and served. If you prefer clean in taste to end your meal, this is something I would suggest and it comes with a bowl of miso soup.
Sake Pairing: Kuromatsu Kenbishi: Hyogo Perfecture – Mushroom notes, served at 45 degrees celcius

DessertSAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Shine Muscat Daifuku
Lastly, we had homemade Shine Muscat Daifuku that comes with a plump piece of muscat grape in the middle of the bean fillings. It was soft, sweet, and chewy texture dessert to end the wonderful night.

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake- Chef
The overall dining experience was pleasant with Chef Yomogi Daisuke’s dedication in preparing and serving the dishes. The staffs are approachable and knowledgeable as well. They have dedicated staff to explain each sake pairing so that diners can have a better understanding on the sake. Their Seasonal Menu changes every 3 months including ala carte bar bites, mains and Omakase set. There is also monthly Chef’s Recommended Menu too. I will see myself visiting the restaurant again for more.

Note: There will be corkage fee of S$40 for less than 720ml and S$80 for more than 720ml.

SAKEMARU Artisan Sake Hideout
Address: 55 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058686
Opening Hours: Daily 5:00PM to 10:30PM (opens at 3:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays)
(Closed on Sundays)
Tel: +65 6513 2789
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakemaruhideout/
Website: https://sakemaru.me/sg/hideout/

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