[SG EATS] Goodwood Park Hotel’s Christmas Cheer 2021 Takeaways

[SG EATS] Goodwood Park Hotel’s Christmas Cheer 2021 Takeaways

It’s the time of the year where we gather to celebrate the festive season with family and friends. Herald this Christmas season with Goodwood Park Hotel’s gourmet collection of yuletide goodies and sumptuous dining specials! Delight in an assortment of takeaway festive treats including beautifully packaged tier sets and Asian-inspired turkey specials, available at The Deli from 15 November to 26 December 2021.
New Takeaway Christmas Tiers From The Deli
Christmas Tree 3-Tier Set (S$88.00 nett)* and Christmas Carousel 2-Tier Set (S$66.00 nett)*;
Festive Bundle For Christmas Tree 3-Tier Set & Christmas Carousel 2-Tier Set at S$118.00 nett (U.P. S$154.00)*
Goodwood Park Hotel-Christmas Carousel set
Specially curated by the culinary team behind L’Espresso’s popular English Afternoon Tea, the joyous tiered sets present an assortment of sweet and savoury treats.
Drawing on the whimsical Christmas fun, the 2-tiered Christmas Carousel set features the colours and joy of a circus carnival. The packaging makes for adorable festive decoration, and the detachable ‘carousel top’ can be worn as a fun party hat. The attractive set unveils a delicate display of ten different petite snacks (five sweets and five savouries) such as Chocolate Pandan Tart, Raspberry Sablé Breton, Spicy Chipotle Turkey Croissant, and Garlic Cheese with Cranberries & Pistachio Tartlet.
The stunning 3-tiered Christmas Tree set beams with an embellished yuletide tree design topped with a dazzling wishing star. A conversational piece for the table decor, the gold star can be upcycled as an ornamental addition for the Christmas tree. The set presents three levels of 16 different enthralling treats (8 sweets and 8 savouries) including Paris-Brest, Coffee Caramel Tart, Green Tea Brownie, Lobster with Granny Smith Apple & Avocado Salad, Chicken with Cranberries & Pecan Nuts Croissant, and Turkey & Pumpkin Shepherd’s Pie.

New Savoury Takeaways From The Deli
Coffee Turkey with Flavoursome Fried Rice
Price: S$248.00 nett | Serves 8 to 12 persons
Goodwood Park Hotel-Coffee Turkey with Flavoursome Fried Rice
This year’s new creative rendition is first slow-braised with aromatics for more than an hour till tender, before infusing with a myriad of Chinese spices like star anise, cinnamon, black cardamom and licorice root, and then finished with a fragrant coffee glaze. Basted thrice with the savoury coffee glaze, the turkey is roasted till caramelised on the outside and moist on the inside. A complementary coffee sauce and flavourful fried rice is served alongside. The latter is a deft stir-fry of jasmine white rice, flower shiitake mushrooms, chopped string beans, shredded dried scallops, dried shrimps and eggs.

Curry Turkey Potato Pie
S$48.00nett | 18cm serves 4 to 6 persons
Goodwood Park Hotel-Curry Turkey Potato Pie
Inspired by the well-loved local snack – curry puff, this hearty 18cm pie is great for sharing at the celebratory table. Beneath a flaky golden-brown latticed puff pastry, the pie teems with piquant flavours, featuring a medley of ingredients such as sautéed diced turkey breast, potatoes, sliced hard-boiled eggs as well as aromatics like curry powder, curry leaves, ginger and garlic.

Turkey, Mushroom & Foie Gras Roulade with Roasted Potatoes, Broccolini & Mushroom Sauce
S$268.00nett | approximately 30cm serves 8 to 10 persons
Goodwood Park Hotel-Turkey, Mushroom & Foie Gras Roulade with Roasted Potatoes, Broccolini & Mushroom Sauce
This decadent roulade features tender turkey breast that’s delicately rolled with a flavoursome button and Swiss brown mushrooms duxelles, minced turkey and seared foie gras. It is slow-cooked for 3 hours to retain its succulence, seasoned with thyme and garlic, then grilled to perfection. Complemented with roasted baby potatoes, broccolini, sautéed onions and a savoury mushroom sauce served on the side.

Chilled Smoked Turkey Breast, Beancurd & Ikura with Mala Sauce
S$98.00nett serves 4 to 6 persons
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore-Chilled Smoked Turkey Breast, Beancurd & Ikura with Mala Sauce
Commence the festivities with aromatic smoked turkey breast slices that are lined atop chilled silken beancurd, before it is finished with a flavoursome and piquant mala sauce which is homemade with a variety of ingredients including chilli oil, fried garlic, sesame oil, sesame seeds, black vinegar, and Chinese rice wine. The dish is further elevated with an umami topping of ikura, spring onions, and sesame seeds.

Deep-fried Turkey Roll in Mala Style
S$32.00nett for 2 rolls
Goodwood Park Hotel-Deep-Fried Turkey Roll in Mala Style
A festive and Sichuan version of the dim sum favourite, ‘fu pi juan’ (beancurd skin roll), this moreish treat features a toothsome filling of minced turkey breast, diced carrots and turnips, as well as Sichuan peppercorn oil. Encased in beancurd skin and tied with strips of Chinese celery to resemble a Christmas cracker, the rolls are steamed then deep-fried to golden-brown perfection.

Deep-fried ‘Hong Zao’ Turkey Breast Strips with Salt & Seaweed Sprinkle, Mango Mayonnaise and Wasabi Mayannaise
S$68.00 nett serves 4 to 6 persons
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore-Deep-fried ‘Hong Zao’ Turkey Breast Strips with Salt & Seaweed Sprinkle, Mango Mayonnaise and Wasabi Mayonnaise
Slices of succulent turkey breast are thoroughly marinated in ‘hong zao’ (red glutinous rice wine lees), yellow mustard powder, then coated with a mix of glutinous red wine lees and flour before deep-frying to achieve a crisp exterior. An addictive salt and seaweed sprinkle with two dips of Mango Mayonnaise and Wasabi Mayonnaise complete this finger-licking good treat.

New Sweet Takeaways From The Deli
White Enchantment Log Cake S$88.00 nett for 1 kg
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore-White Enchantment Log Cake
This alluring log cake features two layers of pistachio sponge nestling a delectable pear mousse studded with pieces of poached pear, then enveloped in a tangy yuzu cream set atop a sablé breton base. It is flanked by long white chocolate shards and is embellished with glittering white chocolate baubles and stars.

Festive Fruity Mousse Cake S$79.00 nett for 800g
Goodwood Park Hotel SG-Festive Fruity Mousse Cake
Resembling a contemporary Christmas wreath, this festive treat is a striking centrepiece amongst a spread of desserts with its red and white marbling glaze. Similarly stunning is the combination of flavours in this artful sweet treat. Homemade raspberry jam is layered between Viennese sponge cake, lychee whipped white chocolate ganache, and apple mousse. Apple mousse-filled mini domes don the cake, alongside icing sugar snowflakes and silver foil, followed by a white chocolate ribbon wrapped around the base.

Assorted Berries Baked Cheese Loaf S$98.00 nett for 1.3kg
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore-Assorted Berries Baked Cheese Loaf
A pretty sight to behold with its festive red hues, a buttery digestive biscuit crust encases velvety New York cream cheese mixed with a bounty of dried blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. The Yuletide ‘loaf’ is topped with an abundance of assorted glazed fresh berries, sugar flowers and sprigs of thyme, followed by a light dusting of icing sugar to finish.

Christmas Durian Combo S$62.00 nett for 6 pcs
Goodwood Park Hotel Sg-Christmas Durian Combo
Featuring six well-loved favourites from hotel’s signature Durian Fiesta over the years, this dazzling combination includes Mini ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Chocolate Éclair, ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Swiss Roll, D24 Durian Puff, D24 Pandan Coconut Cake, D24 Cappuccino Cake and D24 White Chocolate Raspberry Dome.

Christmas Combo Specials
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore-Christmas Durian Logcake
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore-1
Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore
No celebration is complete without a feast. Offering the best of traditional festive classics, the Traditional Christmas Combo ($316 nett; a la carte price S$418.00 nett presents a splendid Traditional Christmas Turkey with Stuffing, Giblet Gravy & Cranberry Sauce (serves 8 – 12), Honey-glazed Boneless Ham (serves 4 – 6), complemented with the Traditional Christmas Chocolate Log Cake (1kg).
Luxuriate with a deluxe Local Christmas Combo S$308.00 nett; a la carte price S$396.00 nett featuring the new Asian-inspired turkey – Coffee Turkey with Flavoursome Fried Rice (serves 8 – 12 persons), accompanied by Deep-fried Turkey Roll in Mala Style (3 rolls) and indulgent D24 Durian Puffs (20 pieces).
*Strictly no changing of items for Combo Specials or sets, and not applicable with other promotions.

How To Pre-Order
For delivery or self-collection orders, visit their Festive Online Shop

For self-collection orders only:
• Visit The Deli from 10am to 7pm (15 November to 26 December) for direct purchases or collection of pre-orders from 10am – 6pm
• Call the Christmas Call Centre (10am to 6pm) at: 6730 1867 / 6730 1868
• Download the Christmas 2021 Gourmet Takeaways Brochure and email to festive@goodwoodparkhotel.com

NOTE: Advance 5 days’ notice is required for all delivery/self-collection orders.
Last Pre-Order Date: 19 December 2021, 12:00PM

Credit Card Promotions
Date: 15 November – 12 December 2021
• Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet Cardmembers enjoy 25% off
• Citi, DBS/POSB, HSBC, UOB Cardmembers enjoy 20% off^

Date: 13 – 26 December 2021
• Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet Cardmembers enjoy 20% off
• Citi, DBS/POSB, HSBC, UOB Cardmembers enjoy 15% off^
All discounts are not valid for Christmas Tier Festive Bundle, Combo Specials, Durian Combo, ‘Mao Shan Wang’ items and Durian Ice Cream Tubs. Discount may not be valid for purchases at stalls outside the hotel or via ordering channels managed by external parties.
^ Valid for Citi, DBS/POSB & UOB Credit & Debit Cardmembers and HSBC Credit Cardmembers.

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