[GUIDE] 5 Features to Consider when Purchasing Car Insurance in Singapore

Car insurance is essential after purchasing your car in Singapore. With accidents being inevitable, choosing the best car insurance will be crucial to help you when covering for accidents and other uncertainties. With numerous insurance plans and companies in Singapore, choosing the right policy for your car is usually difficult. This article outlines the top features to consider when purchasing the right insurance plan in Singapore.
1. Desired coverage
When looking for insurance coverage for your car in Singapore, you can choose various options. These options include fire & theft, comprehensive or third party. Therefore, when looking for an appropriate cover for your car, it’s essential to understand these options and choose the one suiting your needs. Experts reveal that you must research the options to get a Singapore car insurance plan for your needs. The plans will depend on the type of care and risk of getting an accident or uncertainty occurring.

2. Policy Excess
Most individuals refer to it as deductible, as it’s the sum of money you pay to the company when making a claim. Before choosing your plan, it’ll be vital to consider the policy excess, as it enhances your carefulness or alertness on the road. Furthermore, it prevents you from making unnecessary claims, like small scratches or minor dents. It’ll be vital to consider this feature as companies that waive it may provide a high premium for your insurance. Therefore, the company or plan you choose should properly balance the premiums and policy excess.

3. Coverage Outside Singapore
When choosing your insurance plan for your car, it’s essential to consider the coverage regions. You might be driving outside the Singapore territory as far as Malaysia and Thailand. Therefore, when choosing insurance cover or plan for your car, it’d be good if you considered the coverage region. Importantly, choose an insurance plan that may cover your car even outside the Singapore borders. It’ll be a good option, especially if you love taking short trips and journeys across the causeway or border.

4. Replacement Car and Courtesy
When choosing the right car insurance plan in Singapore, replacement and courtesy are vital features you must consider. After an accident, some companies replace your vehicle with a new one if you damage it beyond repair, while others repair the car. Therefore, before signing and paying a premium to a certain insurance company for your car, it’s essential to consider the terms. Check on what conditions the company compensates for your car or repairs your car and the duration. Experts advise choosing a company providing the replacement and repair of your vehicle shortly after presenting your accident claim.

Final Thoughts
Car insurance is essential to cover you from uncertainties and accident costs. However, with the numerous insurance plans and companies in Singapore, choosing the appropriate one for your vehicle can be daunting. When looking for the right car insurance plan, it’ll be wise to consider the desired coverage, coverage outside Singapore, replacement terms, and the policy excess to get the right one.

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