I shared about the conversion of Malaysia driving license to Singapore driving license experience previously. Many of you asked me if we can still drive Malaysia car after we convert to Singapore driving license. So the answer is YES but only 90 days per year.
Conversion of Driving License Malaysia to Singapore-Hazeldiary
Understand from runner’s source of information, it is based on the days you stay in Malaysia. Yup, this is quite unfair to those who went back Malaysia and did not drive. But this is how it works.

We can only have one(1) valid driving license and once you convert it using BTT, you can only hold on to Singapore driving license. Your Malaysia driving license will be blacklisted(senarai hitam) once your current driving license expired.

You can refer to the form shown on the post for your reference. This is a sample form shared by the runner for your better understanding.
However, if you want to retain your Malaysia driving license, you need to take fresh course ( theory and practical) at Singapore Driving School.

You need to lift up the blacklist in JPJ record. In order for you to do so, you need to obtain a letter from Singapore Traffic Police Department to show as proof to JPJ office. Then, you need to surrender your Singapore Driving License to JPJ because Singapore Driving License is a lifetime ( no need renewal). You need to trade it in for your Malaysia Driving license.

You also need to produce a letter to state that you are no longer Singapore Permanent Resident if you are holding the status in Singapore. If you are Work Permit holder, you need to show them the letter that your pass has been cancelled.

Hope this helps to clarify those who are searching for information. If you have further information to update, please share so I can update the space to share with everyone.

For more details on the conversion, read here.

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  1. Hi
    I did apply convert my malaysian lisense to singapore lisense,so malaysia JPJ will black list my lisense in malaysia. But at the end i fail to attend the exam in singapore, later due to MCO i back to malaysia.
    My problem is now i cant renew my malaysia lisense ,what should i do now? Pls advice tq

    1. Hi Kelvin

      You can lift up the blacklist of your license. You need to get a letter from Singapore Traffic Police to show to JPJ. Maybe you can ask the runner for assistance.

    2. My sg license are expired and need to convert into msian license.can I get letter from tp Singapore without entering sg or is there any runner can solve this problem.pls.tq

  2. hi Hazel,
    I have a singapore driver’s license and i would like to convert to malaysian drivers license.. I understand that i need a letter from traffic police department of singapore.. can i get it online or i have to physically be there in singapore ? thanks in advance

    1. Hi Lim

      Sorry I am not sure about this. I think you call to Traffic Police Department to clarify better… I dont think there is an option online for the letter though.

  3. Hi, i SPR and now i no need to drive in SG, so i went to JPJ ask for convert my SG driving license to MY one, i had provide the letter of the SG traffic police dept, but at the end JPJ officer said i need to surrender my SPR also just can convert back.
    Is it a new JPJ law / rules??

      1. Hi Hazel,
        That means if i still holding the SPR, then that is no way i can get back my Malaysia driving license? ever i surrender my SG driving license?

        1. Hi Hazel, I’m in the same situation. Singapore PR but relocated back to Malaysia and want to drive back here. Do I really have to surrender my SPR just to get a Malaysian driving license? Btw if you don’t mind, can you please pass me your runner’s contact, thanks loads I’m advance.

  4. Hi

    just checking how did you get your documents stating your work pass has been cancelled ? is it through MOM , need to go there in person, I had not been working in Singapore for more than 1 & half years.

    1. Hi Ian

      On your last day of work, your company will submit the cancellation via MOM portal. They should have a copy or you need to email to MOM to request for it then.
      Hope this helps

  5. Hi Hazel
    Regarding to Malaysian holding Singapore Driving License to drive in Malaysia,

    IDP is not required due to 1985 ASEAN agreement on driving licences right?

    Based on Road Act 1987 section 21, after the conversion from MY to Spore License, it will become Visitor license which only allow Msian with Spore driving license to drive in Msia within 90 days per year.
    This is applies to WP Msian with Singapore License driving Msia private vehicle right?

  6. Hi Hazel,

    1. If I convert Malaysia license to Singapore license, only 90 days per year for me to drive in Malaysia? Can I extend for this? This is only for WP holder ?

    2. Can I drive Singapore vehicles to Malaysia?

    1. Hi Austin

      You can drive Singapore vehicles in Malaysia since you are holding Singapore driving license. For the first question, I am not sure. You need to clarify with JPJ then.

  7. Hi Hazel,

    Is there any way to get back my Malaysia license without the work pass cancellation? Or should I get my company to cancel my work pass and re-apply again in order to get around this requirement?

    1. Hi Adrian

      The procedures are stated as above. You need to show proof that you are no longer working/ staying in Singapore to get back your Malaysia license

    1. Hi Keith

      You mean your singapore driving license and SPR card lost? then you need to report to Singapore authorities. The runner helps to extract JPJ letter from Malaysia side.

  8. I’m going to lose my SPR status as my Re-entry Permit got rejected, Can I know what kind of letter that I need to produce to state to show that I’m no longer a SPR?

  9. Hi Hazel
    How long can I use my Singapore driving license to drive in Malaysia as I am a Singapore Pr as my Malaysian driving license has expired .

  10. Hi Hazel

    I’m SPR and did apply covert letter from Malaysia to Singapore .Due to some reason as I didn’t attend the exam and letter expire . So can I lift up the black list of my license ?

  11. Hello Hazel.

    I am currently working in Singapore with an E Pass, for almost half a year and likely to be in Singapore for more than a year.

    I would like to check if:

    I do not want to go for conversion, and I go for a proper way (as if I have no foreign license with me myself) to go and take the necessary course e.g., Basic Theory Test, Advanced Theory Test, Practical Driving Test etc. Is it possible for me to do that?

    1. Hi Wai Keat

      Sorry I am not sure but one thing for sure. We can only hold 1 valid driving license. You cannot have both at the same time.

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