[Beauty Review] My Second Profhilo Treatment Experience with Clifford Clinic

Profhilo is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments as it helps with regaining a more youthful look. I still remember my first Profhilo Treatment experience done last year and how time flies! I am back to Clifford Clinic for my second Profhilo treatment. You may read my Profhilo review here.
The past months have taken a toll on me, mentally and physically. The combination of work life stress, and an outdoor activities like cycling and hiking have resulted in dull and uneven skin tone and lack of hydration to my face. A good boost of the treatment came just at the right time.

P/S: Profhilo treatment is recommended every six (6) months should be sufficient to maintain the benefits.

Just like the previous session, the application of numbing cream to take effect before the treatment starts. Dr Brandon will start to make little markings on my face for the 10 injection points.
I still remember being tense during my first treatment. I must say I managed my expectation this time around and the pain was manageable. I would rate the pain was 3-4 on a scale of. Guess what? Before i knew it, the 10 injections were over and that took less than 15 minutes.

Here are the photos taken during the treatment and after the treatment within the same day. There will be little mosquito bite marks to show that your Profhilo is injected correctly. If you do not see these marks after the procedure, then your doctor might have injected them wrongly. This is very common so make sure you do your research before visiting a doctor for the treatment. The Clifford Clinic does a lot of Profhilo everyday so it makes me feel at ease.

And here is the 1 month and 2 weeks later photo.
Profhilo Treatment-After
Why did I choose to repeat Profhilo?
I saw results from first treatment and people around me noticed the differences too. I think it speaks a lot when people commented that you have a great improvement in your skin.

Some results I experienced were firmer and tighter skin. Seems like it has some lifting effect on me. Friends also commented that my skin looks like it is glowing and has a dewy complexion. The best results are seen right after I wake up in the morning and touches my bare face.

Benefits of Profhilo treatment:
1. Improves skin radiance
2. Improves skin hydration
3. Healthier and softer skin
4. Highest concentration of hyaluronic acid
The hyaluronic acid (HA) is the component that helps to retain moisture and hydrate the skin, as well as stimulate of the body to create collagen, improving the skin as a result. HA can also be found in skincare products like facial creams or serum. So as compared to tropical product, Profhilo is injected directly into the superficial deep layer of the skin.

Cost of Profhilo treatment
The Clifford Clinic has ala carte and packages for Profhilo. Please contact them to find out more.

Profhilo AuthenticityProfhilo Treatment Clifford Clinic
The Clifford Clinic uses authentic Profhilo. You can scan the QR code at the bottom of the box for authentication.
As usual, do consult your practitioner for advice or discuss on any medical conditions before you go for any aesthetic procedures. Do you dual diligent to find out more in-depth. You can read here for more.

The Clifford Clinic is also famous for their eye bag removal, hair transplant and acne scar removal treatments!

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