[SG EATS] Red House Seafood Restaurant- Singapore Nanyang-style Seafood at The Esplanade

Red House Seafood Restaurant, Nanyang-style Seafood Restaurant has been established for 46 years across three generations now. The family-run and family-controlled business first started in Katong at the historic red bungalow and ventured out to different parts of Singapore. Their latest outlet opened at The Esplanade is led by Executive ChefMan who ensures that all its imported seafood is fully traceable, expertly cared for, and properly stewarded.

Credit: Red House Seafood Esplanade – Hallway
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We got the chance to tour their kitchen during our dinner session and learned in-depth on their kitchen operations. The kitchen team personally monitors the living conditions of all the species- water temperature, oxygen level, filtration, and micro-ecosystem-and live seafood (kept away from public to avoid stressing the creatures).
For this new restaurant, the signature cuisine of the brand will be served. The Singapore Nanyang-style seafood is a style grounded in the southern regions of China, and woven through with influences from the Malay, Indian and Peranakan traditions among others. Expect to see myriad flavours with “kung fu” finesse and skills in dishes (Braised Fish Meat Noodles, and the Crab Meat Pao Fan) and exclusive BBQ items (Chicken Satay) to the Esplanade outlet.
Red Seafood House-Chef’s Trio of Squid Platter
First up we had Chef’s Trio of Squid Platter that features BBQ Squid, Crispy Baby Squid, and Golden Calamari Strips ( S$38.00++ (S), S$76.00++ (L). Each dish showcases the versatility of different cooking styles and diners can opt to order in a single dish. I enjoyed the marinated in spices BBQ Squid the most. The squid is marinated in spices for at least 4 hours, then grilled upon order and served alongside a house-made dipping sauce. Loving it! The Golden Calamari Strips are battered and deep-fried to golden perfection, then tossed in a savoury house-made salted egg mixture. Rich and full-bodied flavour but not overwhelming.
Red Seafood House-Chicken Satay
Red Seafood House-Chicken Satay Sauce
Unlike the usual satay we had, Red Seafood House offers Chicken Satay served with Japanese cucumbers and red onions (S$3.80 per skewer ; min 2 skewers) . They use chicken thighs marinated for at least 6 hours with more than 10 types of herbs and spices such as curry powder, lemongrass and ginger flower, the hearty chunks of chicken thighs are skewered and grilled upon order. The satay is lightly brushed with lemongrass oil to elevate the flavours of the chicken thighs. That explains the hints of lemongrass when you take a meaty bite of it. The satay sauce served is a Hainanese variation where a house blend of peanut sauce and sesame sauce is lightly cooked before freshly pureed pineapple is added along with freshly ground peanuts for added crunch.
Red Seafood House-Iceplant Salad
For salad, try the Chilled Ice Plant with Sesame Dressing (S$18.00++ (S), S$32.00++(L)). I personally love iced plants and it goes well with sesame dressing. Crunchy deep-fried battered enoki mushrooms and cherry tomatoes are included too.
Red Seafood House Esplanade-Chilli Crab
Not to be missed is Signature Chilli Crab, which is also the local delicacy in Singapore. Sweet succulent crab doused in a piquant and rich house-made sauce consisting of blended chilli padi, ginger and garlic. The fresh and fatty crab is sweet yet savoury, slightly spicy gravy and supremely satisfying. Dip the fluffy mantou that are steamed and deep-fried upon order into the gravy to enjoy it!
Red Seafood House Esplanade-Creamy Custard Lobster
Another well-loved signature dish is the Lobster in Signature Creamy Custard Sauce. The lobsters that have been thinly battered, deep-fried, then stir-fried in a rich and creamy custard sauce made with evaporated milk and unsalted butter. Diners can enjoy the refreshing pickled vegetables after the decadent crustacean. Although it looks creamy, the sauce is just perfect. It is not “jerlak” at all. Highly recommend to order this when you dine here.

Next, White Pepper Alaskan King Crab is one of our favourite dishes of the night. The Alaskan King Crab is first gently steamed before the shells are cut open slightly. This extra step allows for the natural oceanic umami-sweetness of the crab to be captured while still allowing the flavours of the sauce to penetrate the flesh. Diners can easily access the flesh once the dish is served as well. Splendid! The crab is then stewed in white pepper-infused stock to allow the flavours to be gently imbued into its flesh. White pepper complements the natural flavours while bringing forward subtle heat and floral notes to the seafood. Before serving, the crab is tossed in unsalted butter, hua tiao wine, and fish sauce to enhance the overall flavours. So much effort to put into this dish to bring elevate the flavours of the crab. Amazingly good!
Red Seafood House Esplanade-Stewed Giant GroUper with BeancUrd Skin and Garlic in Claypot
Fish lovers can try Stewed Giant Grouper with Beancurd Skin and Garlic in Claypot. This Kung Fu dish is served sizzling hot in a claypot that encapsulates the quintessential flavours of Cantonese cuisine. The giant grouper is first deep-fried and then stewed in flavoursome housemade “chu hou” paste comprising ingredients such as soybean and oyster sauce. Mandarin peel, fried garlic and other aromatics are included in the stew. Other ingredients like beancurd skin and shiitake mushrooms soak up the flavours of the gravy. Comforting and savoury kind of dish well-loved by all age groups.
Red Seafood House Esplanade-Crab Meat Pao Fan
The last savory dish is the Crab Meat Pao Fan (S$24.00++(S), S$48.00++(L)). The broth is simmered for 15 hours with mature hen, pig trotters, and ‘lala’ clams. Stir-fried sesame seeds, coriander, Napa cabbage and luscious crab meat are then added into the broth. Crispy rice is deep-fried a la minute and sprinkled into hot soup for the last touch to offer a satisfying crackling sound and another layer of texture and fragrance.
Red Seafood House Esplanade-Dessert
We had Chilled Lemongrass jelly with lime sherbet (S$8.00++) for dessert to end the dinner. Lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves are cooked in water. The mixture is made into aiyu jelly and served with lime sherbet. Refreshing dessert with the citrusy flavour.

Credit: Red House Seafood Esplanade

This restaurant comprises of a main dining hall that seats 66 guests, and two private dining rooms with large round tables, one with 10 seats, and the other up to 14 seats. Alfresco dining with 50 seats with beautiful views of the Marina Bay waterfront are available.

Address: Red House Seafood at The Esplanade
8 Raffles Ave.,
#01-14 / 16 Esplanade,
Singapore 039802
Opening Hours: 12:00PM-2:30PM | 5:30PM-10:00PM
Website: redhouseseafood.com

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