[SG EATS] Celebrate Bountiful Reunions at Hai Tien Lo | Pan Pacific Singapore

[SG EATS] Celebrate Bountiful Reunions at Hai Tien Lo | Pan Pacific Singapore

This Lunar New Year, Pan Pacific Singapore invites you to celebrate the dawn of new beginnings and revel in the vibrant traditions. From 19 December 2022 to 5 February 2023, revel in an extensive selection of auspicious Chinese New Year delights. Enjoy an exquisite selection of curated set menus and auspicious takeaway Lunar New Year treats showcasing the finest of Cantonese dining at Hai Tien Lo (海天楼). To savour time-honoured favourites head to Edge or experience the decadence of Japanese savoir-faire inspired Yu Sheng platters at Keyaki.

Usher in the year of the rabbit with your loved ones at award-winning Hai Tien Lo. Executive Chef Ricky Leung presents a selection of eight impeccable set menus that will capture your imagination. From S$128++ per person, indulge in thoughtfully curated set menus, featuring an elevated rendition of Chef Ricky’s signature dishes. A la carte specialties are also available during the festivities. Not to miss also the Chinese New Year Weekend Dim Sum Buffet from Hai Tien Lo.

Sharing the Meteoric Success Menu dishes, we had during the lunch session:
Yu Sheng with Lobster, Whole Abalone, Smoked Salmon and Silver Fish

Hai Tien Lo Yusheng CNY 2023- Pan Pacific Singapore
Tossing up abundance and prosperity with yusheng that comprises premium ingredients including lobster, whole abalone, smoked salmon and silver fish. Assortments of colorful fresh vegetables and pickled vegetables for the sweet and crunchy flavours. Lastly the combination of kam quat and lime for the citrusy and sweetness from the yusheng sauce.

Double-boiled Fish Maw with Bamboo Pith and Dried Scallops in Fish Bone Broth
Hai Tien Lo CNY 2023- Double boiled Fish Maw with Bamboo Pith and Dried Scallops in Fish Bone Broth
Must-try double-boiled fish maw with bamboo pith and dried scallops in fish bone broth. The milky white broth is full of collagen and nutritious with all the ingredients meticulously prepared by chef.

Braised Fresh Abalone with Dried Oyster, Bean Gluten and Seasonal Vegetables
Braised Fresh Abalone with Dried Oyster-Hai Tien Lo Pan Pacific
Next, braised fresh abalone with dried oyster, bean gluten and seasonal vegetables to balance the overall dish. Abalone doesn’t have much flavor but when cooked with the sauce, it takes on the essence of the sauce and firm to the bite and enough chew at the same time.

Combination of Sliced Crispy Barbecued Suckling Pig and Bird’s Nest, Fresh Crab Meat, Dried Scallops and Truffle stuffed in Chicken WingSuckling Pig and Chicken Wing-Hai Tien Lo- Pan Pacific
I tried chef’s signature chicken wing before and this one is another new level. The chicken wing is deboned and stuffed with bird’s nest, fresh crab meat, dried scallops and truffle then deep-fried. The paper-thin suckling pig skin is also crispy and light. Amazingly good!

Hai Tien Lo Superior Treasure Pot- S$598 (serves 6 persons) | S$938 (serves 10 persons)
Hai Tien Lo Superior Treasure Pot - Pan Pacific Singapore
Hai Tien Lo Superior Treasure Pot comes with 15 stellar ingredients including eight-head whole abalone, dried oyster, sea cucumber, dried fish maw, pork knuckle, dace fish ball, bean gluten, Chinese mushroom, black moss, sliced lotus root and Yunnan Golden Ear mushroom. This is available for takeaway and best to share for family gatherings.

Stewed Indonesian Lobster with Inaniwa Udon in Superior StockStewed Indonesian Lobster with udon in superior stock-hai tien lo
Indulge in the silky udon in superior stock with stewed Indonesian lobster. The lobster came with succulent flesh while the inaniwa udon is smooth, springy and al dente texture.

Double-boiled Almond Cream with Imperial Swiftlet’s Nest, Maltose and Sesame Dumpling in Young Coconut | Prosperity Chinese New Year Cake coated with Finely-ground Nuts and Shredded YamDouble boiled almond cream with imperial bird nest-hai tien lo pan pacific
For our dessert, we had the generous serving of double-boiled almond cream filled with bird nest, peach gum and a sesame dumpling in young coconut. It was not too sweet, and the almond taste is not overwhelming too. Lastly, we had the nian gao coated with finely-ground nuts and shredded yam.

Auspicious Lunar New Year Takeaway Treats
Hai Tien Lo presents a range of exquisite sweet and savoury Lunar New Year delights perfect for family celebrations or festive gifting. Hai Tien Lo presents four indulgent Yu Sheng platters, available for dine-in and takeaway.
· The brimming Abundance Yu Sheng with South Africa Abalone, Lobster, Scallops, Coral Clam and Ice Lettuce ($288 large, available for dine-in only)
· The luxurious Vitality Yu Sheng with Lobster, Abalone and Smoked Salmon ($198 large | $138 small)
· The classic Double Blessing Yu Sheng with Smoked Salmon and Crispy Silver Whitebait ($118 large | $78 small)
· The vegetarian Nutritious Prosperity Vegetarian Yu Sheng with Vegetarian Abalone and Ice Lettuce ($88 large | $58 small)
Priced between $58 and $288 per platter, Hai Tien Lo’s decadent Yu Sheng platters are available in both small and large portions for dine-in and takeaway from 6 January to 5 February 2023.
It is now available for purchase online, from now till 5 February 2023, for delivery or collection at Lunar New Year booth, located at level 2 of Pan Pacific Singapore, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

From now till 8 January 2023, Pan Pacific DISCOVERY and Pan Pacific Privileges members along with selected credit cardholders enjoy exclusive early-bird savings of up to 25%.
For dining reservations or enquiries, please speak with us at +65 6826 8240, or email dining.ppsin@panpacific.com.

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