[SG EATS] Eden Restaurant- Gorgeous Glasshouse Restaurant at Pullman Singapore Orchard

Eden Restaurant located in Pullman Singapore Orchard has a stunning glasshouse with captivating views and beautiful light filled spaces. Diners can enjoy different kinds of ambience at this all-day dining restaurant. The lush glasshouse has plenty of natural light in the day if you are looking for a nice lunch spot in Orchard or go for a romantic dinner date at night. The restaurant heralds the Asian delicacies from port to destination. From authentic classics to reimagine for today’s modern palette by the team.

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Tuna Ceviche- Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard
We started our dinner with Tuna Ceviche with Ikura S$26.00++ . Yellowfin tuna served with kaffir infused coconut cream, finger lime and topped with ikura. A good mix of all ingredients before we dig it.
Eden Crab Cakes-Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard
Next, the appetizer is Eden Crab Cakes S$30.00++, which I personally recommend to order if you are here. Flavourful crab cakes with mixed herbs, spices, and chilli lime aioli.

Steamed Atlantic Cod Fillet- Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard
Steamed Atlantic Cod Fillet S$42.00++ , where the cod fish wrapped in banana leaf is steamed along with cherry tomatoes and fermented black beans. Steamed fish in banana leaf imparts a subtle flavour to seafood and is an ideal cooking method for mild white fishes like cod.
Lamb Rack Satay-Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard
Lamb Rack Satay S$40.00++that served in grilled satay-style. The dish consists of grilled satay-style lamb chop with charred broccolini and homemade peanut sauce. Everyone enjoyed this dish and those who are concerned about the gamey flavour turned out enjoyed it too. The savory taste of the lamb is a good match for the robust flavours of the local satay.
Szechuan T-Bone- Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard
We also had Szechuan T-Bone S$138.00++ for sharing. First time trying T-Bone marinated with Szechuan spices. The tender grain-fed beef seasoned with Szechuan peppercorn and salt. Not too spicy and subtle numb flavour profile. But at the same time, I can taste the tenderness and delicacy of the meat.
White Sesame Hokkaido Milk Puff- Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard
For desserts, we shared White Sesame Hokkaido Milk Puff S$16.00++. Fried sesame puffs filled with creamy Hokkaido milk and served with lemon curd. Not a fan of this though.
Eden Restaurant Pullman Singapore Orchard-Cocktails
Lastly, pair your dishes with well-crafted beverages that pay homage to Asian traditions with an exciting selection inspired by each tropical region. Natural and biodynamic wines for sustainability and wellness are on the drink’s menu too.
Eden Restaurant -Pullman Singapore Orchard-1
Eden Restaurant has a nice dining spot along the bustling Orchard Road especially with the beautiful interior settings and ambience. Dinner was not bad as a whole and more of a hit than misses for me. Their cocktails series is interesting too! Do check them out.

Address: Eden Restaurant
Pullman Singapore Orchard
Orchard Rd, 270,
Singapore 238857
Website: https://www.pullmansingaporeorchard.com/restaurants/eden-restaurant/

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