8 Best Gardens and Green Spaces in Singapore

Singapore’s reputation as a “City in a Garden” is one that is well-earned. The city-state has consistently honoured its commitment to urban planning, sustainability, and improving quality of life through the cultivation of nature parks, botanical gardens, and other lush spaces that the public can enjoy.

Today, Singapore is among the greenest cities in the world. Here, locals and tourists alike have an abundance of options if they want to spend a portion of their day enveloped in nature while staying close to modern city comforts. If you’re looking for some of the best gardens and green spaces that the city has to offer, check out these places.

Jewel Changi Airport
Jewel Changi Airport
If you arrived in Singapore through Changi Airport, you need not travel further to see your first slice of greenery. Simply head to Jewel, the nature-themed retail, lifestyle, and entertainment complex at the heart of the airport, and you’ll be treated to a lush paradise. The expansive space offers plenty of attractions that exemplify the harmonious integration of nature and urban development. You can see this by including a visit to the Shiseido Forest Valley—one of the largest indoor gardens in Asia—on your list of things to do in Changi. Situated at the centre of Shiseido Forest Valley is the HSBC Rain Vortex, the largest and tallest indoor waterfall in the world. There are plenty of other nature-themed attractions nearby as well, such as Canopy Park with its suspended walking and bouncing nets, hedge mazes, and gardens.

Gardens by the Bay
One of the most popular attractions in the Lion City is the colourful Gardens by the Bay, a nature park near Marina Reservoir. This is a world-renowned horticultural destination that presents its visitors with a fusion of nature and technology. One of the most recognisable landmarks here is the iconic Supertree Grove, which are towering vertical gardens that serve as the venue for nightly light and sound shows. It’s also worth visiting the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories, featuring diverse plant species from around the world, including stunning floral displays and a misty tropical mountain. Gardens by the Bay hosts events, concerts, and festivals throughout the year, providing immersive experiences for visitors of all ages.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Gardens By The Bay-Hazeldiary
The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the country’s pride and joy. It’s home to various themed gardens, including the National Orchid Garden, which boasts an extensive collection of orchid species. Here, you can explore serene pathways, relax by the tranquil lakes, and enjoy picnics amidst the verdant landscapes. The Botanic Gardens is a place for community gatherings and activities, too. It hosts regular performances, workshops, and exhibitions. Thus, Singapore Botanic Gardens is an ideal destination not just for nature lovers, but also for families and cultural enthusiasts.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park
MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a nature lover’s paradise, where you can spend the day here taking leisurely walks or hiking through the forested paths. Whichever activity you choose, you’ll be treated to scenic trails with breathtaking views of the reservoir. You may even be able to spot wildlife such as monkeys, birds, and butterflies. The highlight of the park is the TreeTop Walk, a suspension bridge that offers a unique vantage point on the treetops. With its combination of laid-back and exhilarating activities, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and outdoor adventurers.

Southern Ridges
If you want to see a lot of places in a short amount of time, you can visit the Southern Ridges. It’s a nature trail that spans several parks and green spaces, connecting popular attractions such as Mount Faber Park and Kent Ridge Park. It’s a great place to simply walk around, explore forested areas, and bask in the panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline and thriving greenery. Many visitors also include traversing the iconic pedestrian bridge, Henderson Waves, in their to-do list. The Southern Ridges is a perfect destination for nature lovers and those seeking stunning vistas of the city and the natural landscape.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a sprawling urban park that offers a tranquil and picturesque setting for outdoor activities and relaxation. It features a river meandering through the park, a lot of plants, and a variety of recreational facilities. Among the popular activities in the area are jogging and cycling. The park also has waterfront promenades and vast open spaces for picnics and gatherings. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park frequently hosts events like fitness classes and concerts as well, and these contribute to the community space’s vibrant and inclusive vibe.

Fort Canning Park
Fort Canning Park is a historic hilltop park that combines lush greenery with rich heritage. It offers various attractions such as historical landmarks, archaeological remains, and manicured gardens. You can explore the park’s history through guided tours, visit the Battlebox underground museum, or attend concerts and cultural events held at the park’s open-air venue. Fort Canning Park provides a serene retreat amidst the city, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in nature and uncover Singapore’s storied past.

Jurong Lake Gardens
In the western part of Singapore lies the sprawling Jurong Lake Gardens. Here, kids can have a grand time playing in Clusia Cove and Forest Ramble. Clusi Cove is a water playground that mimics the conditions found on coastal shores. Meanwhile, Forest Ramble is a playground inspired by freshwater swamp forests. That said, Jurong Lake Gardens is also ideal if you’re more in the mood for a quiet day in nature. You can enjoy peaceful walks around picturesque lakes, marvel at the vibrant floral displays, and explore themed gardens that showcase Chinese and Japanese landscapes. Jurong Lake Gardens offers recreational amenities for people of all ages, so it’s sure to delight nature lovers, families, and those seeking respite from the city.

These gardens and green spaces in Singapore offer a diverse range of experiences, from breathtaking horticultural displays to serene natural environments. No matter if you’re a nature lover, a culture enthusiast, or a family seeking outdoor adventures, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do in Singapore’s gardens and green spaces.

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