[SG EATS] Summer Tour De Force at Butcher’s Block |Raffles Hotel Singapore

[SG EATS] Summer Tour De Force at Butcher’s Block |Raffles Hotel Singapore

Butcher’s Block located at the second level of Raffles Arcade is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Jordan Keao, a native of Hilo, Hawaii. Formerly chef-owner of Bib Gourmand-awarded Hawaiian restaurant Aina in San Francisco. The restaurant’s cooking technique, wood fire is the highlight where the team employs various techniques such as smoking, grilling, and slow cooking in embers over the wood fire in an open kitchen setting.

Partake in the Summer Tour De Force, Butcher’s Block signature multi-course wood-fired dining experience that includes both signatures and off-the-menu creations. Specially curated by Chef de Cuisine Jordan Keao and spotlighting beautiful produce at their prime this season. Complement the dining experience with over 288 premium labels of wines, including a selection of natural wines, from The Library.

For first timers, I would certainly suggest trying their tasting menu that chef curates. Tour De Force Menus are available for lunch and dinner with prices starting from S$178.00++ per guest onwards. The Summer Tour De Force is available until mid-October, subject to produce seasonality.

Sharing what we had for our Summer Dinner Tour De Force 6-Course Menu S$238.00++ per guest. We also had tailored 6-Wine Pairing at S$158.00++ per guest.

Hokkaido Milk Parker Roll with Konbu Seaweed Butter
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore-Hokkaido Milk Parker Roll with Konbu Seaweed Butter
The classic rolls are incredibly soft and airy thanks to the roux that created the fluffiness and coupled with the unsalted French butter mixed with kombu seaweed and furikake seasoning. It leaves a savoury after taste, which was comforting, light and addictive.
P/S: It is a complimentary for every table that orders the Tour De Force Lunch or Dinner Menu. Available for S$16.00++ for a la carte orders.

Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Grilled Bouchot mussels fennel tartlet
For snacks, we had three different types served with beautiful presentations. Grilled Bouchot mussels tops apple and fennel puree in a fennel seed puff baguette tartlet, garnished with shaved fennel, fresh dill, garlic flower, and chive blossom flower.
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Wagyu Tartare
Wagyu Tartare served atop beef fat financier finished with N25 caviar and mustard crest.The miso-cured egg yolk puree combination gives it some flavour and firm it up a little. Love it!
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Black corn taco
For the third snack, we had a Mexican-style black corn taco topped with grilled peppers, huilacoche aioli sauce, chopped pumplin seeds and micro coriander.

Smoked Sashimi Poke | Kukui Nut | Ogo seaweed | Herb dashi
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Smoked Sashimi Poke
Smoked sashimi served with Kukui nut, seaweed, and herb dashi, capped with seaweed foam. The dish is then covered with a smoked filled cloche and unveiled at the table. The hamachi is aged for up to 6 days before seasoning and it absorbs the flavor beautifully. The dish is recreating the ocean as the water hits the lava rocks, reminiscent of the black beaches in Chef Jordan’s home city of Hilo.

Summer Garden
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Summer Garden
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Summer Garden-1
Colorfully plated dish with maitake mushrooms, piccolo tomatoes, yellow squash, green zucchini, charred shishito peppers, avocado puree, amaranth leaves, sorrel, mustard frills, and baby red leaf lettuce finished with a marigold leaves dressing. A mushroom dashi accompanies the summer garden. Take a sip of the mushroom dashi and enjoy the garden full of ingredients.

Western Plains Pork Trio | Banana Leaf | Corn Puree
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Western Plains Pork Trio
This dish is to showcase Chef Jordan’s mastery in butchering whole animals and presenting different cuts, each specifically prepared with a choose technique. Hence, it is an ensemble of prosciutto, ‘Char Siu’, pork loin, and pork belly served with corn puree, pork jus, and garnished with kinome and micro red shisho.

Kinmedai | Zucchini flower | Lemongrass | Coconut
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Kinmedai
Grilled Kinmedai, blanched prawn cake that is garnished with sorrel served with Thai green curry sauce. This dish holds the memory of Chef Jordan’s mother who was a chef herself and ran her own restaurant serving Western food. Every month she would hold a supperclub where 15 of her friends of different nationalities would bring ethnic food to the gathering. Chef Jordan was exposed to a multitude of culinary cultures throughout his growing and he drew inspiration from this childhood memory to create the Thai green curry sauce.

A5 Saga beef | Grilled cherry | Aged balsamic | Demi-glance
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- A5 Saga Beef
Sliced beef chuck roll drizzled with beef jus paired with whipped bone marrow potatoes and garnished with cherries, frisée, red endive and pea tendrils. The chuck meat is full-flavored and beefy while the potatoes served as a canvas.

Shaved Ice
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Shaved Ice
Lastly, we had the refreshing grilled watermelon and lychee flavoured shaved ice topped with Li Hing Mui powder, fresh passionfruit, honeycomb, and condensed milk for dessert. We were amazed with the Hawaiian dessert creation evolved from the Japanese kakigori shaved ice and draws parellels with the local ice kachang. Simple yet so comforting and satisfying after all the savouries.
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Petit Fours Chocolate Bon Bon
Butcher's Block Raffles Singapore- Petit Fours
Not forgetting the Petit Fours that come with different variations for each dinner session. We had the torched lime meringue with clamansi curd, chocolate bon bon and passionfruit pate de fruit.

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Overall, I enjoyed the dining ambience at the Butcher’s Block with not only good selection of premium cuts of meats but also seafood. The restaurant also offers deep flavours and enhanced textures from wood-fire techniques. A la carte menu is available which gives diners choices to go for rather than just tasting menu. Splendid!

Watch the video here

Address: Butcher’s Block
Raffles Singapore
1 Beach Road
Singapore 189673
Website: https://www.butchersblock.com.sg/

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