[JB EATS] Din Kee Beef Noodle 鼎记牛腩粉 Bukit Indah | Johor Bahru

Din Kee Beef Noodle located at Bukit Indah is well-loved by locals and regulars. They used to have a stall opposite KSL before expanding their scale of business to a shop at Bukit Indah. My dad and his friends used to visit his old place for the beef noodle. They even shared that the beef noodle here is better than the Tangkak’s beef noodle.
Din Kee Beef Noodle Taman Bukit Indah
Din Kee Beef Noodle Malaysia
We were here for lunch around 11am and it was full house. There are people standing outside waiting for their takeaway orders. We managed to secure a table as the turnover was fast. Most of the customers will just eat and go without sitting down chit chatting for long.

Menu and order chit given to us once we are seated. All we need to do is to choose our order and pass it to the service crew. Payment is made after you complete your meal.
Din Kee Beef Noodle JB
Din Kee Beef Noodle Johor Bahru
Menus are for your reference. They not only serve beef noodle but there is also fish soup noodle for those who do not take beef.
There is only one size portion with few variations of beef noodles to choose from. The beef noodle is available in soup and dry version. Once you select your option, choose the type of noodles. The noodle types include Bee Hoon, Thick Bee Hoon, Yellow Mee and Kway Teow.
Din Kee Beef Noodle Soup Johor Bahru
My dad ordered all the beef parts with kuey teow in soup version priced at RM16.00 ~S$4.70. Generous servings of braised beef chunks, fresh meat, tendon, and tripe. All the ingredients were soft, tender and the offal’s have no gamey taste at all. Tendons has the mild beef flavour and gelatinous texture while the tripe has the chewy texture. The soup broth is flavourful and herbal taste.
Din Kee Beef Noodle Soup
Din Kee Beef Noodle
We had the mixture soup but without noodle at RM 12.00 ~S$3.52. As good as it looks, and we wiped off everything clean.

Not forgetting their fresh chilli for dipping. Remember to squeeze the lime onto the fresh chilli beforehand. It was good!

The only complain is that there is no FREE refill soup here.
Watch the video here

Address: Din Kee Beef Noodle (Bukit Indah Branch) 鼎记牛腩粉
56, Jalan Indah 1,
Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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