[TRAVEL GUIDE] 5 Money-Saving Tips for Budget-Conscious Travelers to Taiwan

[TRAVEL GUIDE] 5 Money-Saving Tips for Budget-Conscious Travelers to Taiwan

Are you planning a trip to Taiwan Trip, but worried about your tight travel budget? If so, then rest assured. You’re fortunate! From affordable local cuisines to famous tourist spots that cost almost nothing to visit, Taiwan has much more to offer. 

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However, most people fall into the most expensive tourist traps. In order to address this issue, we’re going to present some money-saving tips to visit Taiwan. So, you can save money for your next trip or something else to do.

  1. Look for Budget-friendly Accommodations

Due to an ever-evolving hospitality industry, a significant number of budget-friendly accommodations in Taiwan, especially in Taipei, are available. However, for cheap travel experiences, considering hostels are the most popular choice for prospective tourists. 

Don’t worry about the taiwan trip budget because you can get shared accommodation with other fellow budget-conscious travelers. This way, you can save more money during your trip to Taiwan. 

  1. Prioritize Public Transport for Commuting 

Taiwanese public transport would be a perfect solution for you if you’re about to stay in one of the major cities on this Island. You can take advantage of worth picking up a combined metro and bus pass. By using these passes, you can travel freely on all the public transport during a specified time period. 

Not only can you travel wherever you want, but you also can save on fares. Avoid traveling in taxis. Otherwise, you will have to spend maximum fares on just a single travel. 

  1. Prefer to Visit Free-of-Cost Attractions

In Taiwan, there is a whole range of captivating and mood-lifting attractions. But do you know the majority of them are free to explore? You can explore various temples and religious places with breathtaking architecture without any admission charges. 

Visiting Taipei 101 is costly, so consider hiking up the elephant mountain, which is just a short distance from the world’s tallest building. So, you can capture the retina-grabbing views of Taipei 101 and other hidden gem districts in Taipei. In short, you can have a memorable experience and, best of all, without paying even a single cent. 

  1. Consider Buffet Restaurants to Dine Out

Derailing a budget-friendly trip to Taiwan is possible when it comes to deciding on a place to eat. It’s best to find a buffet restaurant so you don’t need to struggle with the language barrier. The majority of buffet restaurants mention the names of dishes and food offerings in the English language.  

Just bring a plate, pick your favorite food, and enjoy a pocket-friendly dining experience. You can try delicious and traditional Taiwanese cuisines and desserts at affordable rates. 

  1. Do Clothes & Shoes Shopping at the Night Markets

Shopping malls and high street stores are too expensive everywhere. So, instead of shopping for clothes, shoes, and other accessories from such places, you need to look around Taiwan’s night markets

If you visit the biggest open market at night time, then you’ll surely get clothes and shoes at discounted rates. Local open markets usually have a wide selection of apparel, among other kinds of stuff. Also, try to buy clothes and shoes from stalls if you want to save money to the maximum extent. 

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