[SG Food] Ministry of Crab Plates Up the Best Sri Lankan Crustaceans at Dempsey Singapore

[SG Food] Ministry of Crab Plates Up the Best Sri Lankan Crustaceans at Dempsey Singapore

Sri Lanka’s celebrated Ministry of Crab helmed by the renowned Chef Dharshan Munidasa is set to open its doors in Singapore on 3 July 2024 at Dempsey. As the only crab restaurant from Asia to make it into Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, this marks the brand’s sixth international outpost following successful ventures in Bangkok, Shanghai, Chengdu, Maldives, and Mumbai.

Read more: [SG Food] Ministry of Crab Plates Up the Best Sri Lankan Crustaceans at Dempsey Singapore Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Crab by chef maestro Dharshan MunidasaMinistry of Crab Singapore-Asia best restaurant

Ministry of Crab is committed to delivering the freshest Sri Lankan crabs, air-flown live thrice weekly. The restaurant’s ethos, encapsulated in its “Crab Constitution,” promises diners only the freshest wild-caught crabs, never farmed or frozen. The crabs range from the modest 500g ½ Kilo Crab to the impressive Crabzilla, weighing over 2kg.

Ministry of Crab Singapore- Dempsey Road

The menu is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to quality and flavor. The Signature Garlic Chili Crab, a fusion of Italian olive oil, Japanese soy sauce, and Sri Lankan crabs, promises an explosion of flavor. For those seeking a spicier kick, the MOC Original Recipe Spicy Crab is a must-try, featuring fiery red chilies from Sri Lanka. Other notable dishes include the Black Pepper Dashi Crab and Sri Lankan Curry Crab, each offering unique flavor profiles.

For prawn enthusiasts, the Prawn Chili Prawn is a standout, with other intriguing options like Butter Soy Prawns, Pepper Prawn, and Olive Oil & Soy Prawn. Fans of the famed Crabzilla and Prawnzilla should keep an eye on the restaurant’s social media channels for availability updates.

We had the pleasure of sampling some of Ministry of Crab’s highlighted dishes, each one showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavor. We started with the Crab Liver Pâté ( not captured in photo), a luxurious starter likened to caviar. This dish is made from the liver of the crab, and it was incredibly smooth and flavorful.

Ministry of Crab Singapore-  Pure Crab

Next, we had Pure Crab, a dish that truly allows the natural sweetness of the crab to shine. The crab is steamed and then chilled to enhance its flavors, served with sides of warm butter, calamansi ponzu, and chili vinegar for dipping. It’s a must-try for any crab aficionado.

Ministry of Crab Singapore- Garlic Chilli PrawnMinistry of Crab Singapore- Garlic Bread

The Garlic Chilli Prawn was a delightful surprise with the fragrance of garlic and the heat of chili bringing out the sweetness of the prawns. Accompanied by the chargrilled Garlic Bread, which was glazed in a moreish garlic butter. The bread was incredibly addictive, especially when dipped in the savory gravy—I couldn’t get enough.

Ministry of Crab Singapore- Signature Garlic Chilli Crab Ministry of Crab Singapore- Kade Bread

The star of the show was undoubtedly the Signature Garlic Chilli Crab. This dish marries Italian olive oil, Japanese soy sauce, and Sri Lankan crabs, resulting in an explosion of flavor that left us wanting more. To accompany it, we were served Kade Bread, perfect for mopping up the crab gravy, or chargrilled Garlic Bread.

Ministry of Crab Singapore- Crab Chawanmushi

For those who prefer a more traditional preparation, the Crab Chawanmushi provided a delicate and silky steamed egg custard topped with hand-picked crab meat and a drizzle of garlic chili oil glaze. One of our tablemates humorously remarked that the presentation reminded them of chwee kueh.

Ministry of Crab Singapore-Coconut Crème Brûlée

For dessert, we indulged in the Coconut Crème Brûlée offering a tropical twist on the classic French dessert.

Beyond crabs, the menu includes a variety of seafood dishes like freshwater prawns, clams, oysters, and fish, alongside non-seafood options such as chicken. A perfect starter is the Crab Liver Pâté, akin to caviar, served with Melba toast and a touch of kithul treacle for a sweet and smoky finish.

To complement the exquisite crustacean dishes, Ministry of Crab offers “Fifty Shades of Rosé,” a curated list of 50 rosé wines from France, Italy, Australia, and Spain. Non-drinkers can enjoy non-alcoholic sparkling iced teas like the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea in various organic flavors.

Address: Ministry of Crab

6 Dempsey Road

Singapore 249683

Opening Hours: 6:00PM-11:00PM

(Closed on Tuesdays)

Website: https://www.ministryofcrab.com/

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