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[TAIWAN TRAVELS] Day Trip Itinerary to Keelung 基隆 from Taipei | Taiwan

Discovering the hidden gems of Keelung on a day trip from Taipei is recommended to any frequent travelers in Taiwan. Situated northeast of Taipei along the picturesque north coast, Keelung is referred to as the “Port of Taipei” offers a blend of cultural experiences, culinary delights, and scenic landscapes that are sure to captivate your interest.  

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Here is my guide to making the most of your Taipei to Keelung day trip goes:

By Train: There are several ways to travel from Taipei to Keelung, catering to different preferences and budgets. The most popular option is by train, with frequent services departing from Taipei Main Station, Songshan Station, or Nangang Station. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour, offering scenic views along the way.

By Bus: Alternatively, you can opt for a bus ride, with routes departing from various stations in Taipei City. We opt for the 30 minutes bus ride (Bus 1800) from Taipei City Hall Bus Staton to Keelung City. We went on a weekday, so the road traffic was smooth. It is not recommended to take the bus on weekends or public holidays as the road traffic can be congested.

TIPS: Since the bus will go through the highway route, there will be a seat for every passenger. So, no need to worry about standing on the bus throughout the journey. The bus driver will not accept standing passengers. 
Your Easycard can be used for bus ride too. You can pre-purchase it here.
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By Car:If you prefer the flexibility of driving, you can pre-book your private car here or check with hotel to assist you on getting a taxi/cab allowing you to explore Keelung at your own pace.

Keelung City Taiwan-Ren'ai MarketRen'ai Market Keelung City Taiwan-1

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture at Ren’ai Market, a bustling marketplace teeming with activity. Here, you’ll discover an array of fresh produce, local delicacies, and unique souvenirs waiting to be explored. Take your time navigating the market, indulging in authentic Taiwanese snacks, and engaging with the welcoming vendors.

Ren'ai Market Keelung City Taiwan

Venture to the second level of the market, where a plethora of stalls beckon with fresh sashimi and seafood delights. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample fresh oysters and prawns at affordable prices from one of the stalls. For those craving sashimi treats, there are plenty of options to satisfy your palate.

Additionally, explore the classic and modern coffee shops located on the same level. Treat yourself to a satisfying lunch before the next stop.

Opening Hours: Daily 8:00AM-5:00PM

Address: No. 21號, Aisan Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, Taiwan 200

Keelung City Taipei Taiwan-Maritime Keelung Harbour and Maritime Plaza

Begin your exploration at the vibrant Keelung Harbour, where you can stroll along the Maritime Plaza and admire the breathtaking views of the coastline. Take a moment to relax by the water, soaking in the bustling atmosphere of this historic port city.

Keelung City Taiwan-Zhongshan Bridge Shu QI

Originally named Takasago, Zhongshan Bridge stands as Taiwan’s oldest railway bridge, connecting the immigrant settlement of Seine-Tsai-Liu to Keelung Train Station. Its distinctive blue structure, reminiscent of the historical passage in Takasagomachi during Japanese occupation, has been a witness to over 40 years of Keelung’s history. For locals, it holds cherished childhood memories of trains arriving and departing, though now its role has shifted with the construction of a semi-underground railway.

Today, Zhongshan Bridge serves as a nostalgic shortcut from Keelung Train Station to An 1st Road, inviting visitors to explore the area’s local cuisine. In the cinematic masterpiece “Millennium Mambo,” directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, the bridge takes on a mesmerizing allure, especially in the iconic opening scene featuring actress Shu Qi dancing in the midnight air, embodying a sense of freedom against the dreamy backdrop of Zhongshan Bridge.

To reach Zhengbin Fishing Harbor, a scenic waterfront area renowned for its vibrant buildings and breathtaking vistas, you have the option to either catch a bus from the main station or hail a cab. Once there, take your time exploring the harbor’s picturesque surroundings and capturing memorable photos against the beautiful backdrop.

After capturing your desired shots, consider taking a stroll around and visiting one of the cozy cafes nestled nearby for a cup of tea or coffee. The cafes here are nice to chill and savor the tranquil ambiance before the next stop.

Conclude your day with a visit to Zhongzheng Park, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Keelung and beyond. Marvel at the towering Guan Yin statue and soak in the tranquil ambiance of this scenic park before heading back to Taipei. We decided not to visit the park and went back to the station and took a bus back to Taipei city.

Keelung City - Miaokou Night Market

No trip to Keelung is truly complete without immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Miaokou Night Market. With some stalls opening as early as 4pm, embark on a culinary journey through a plethora of street food delights. From delectable oyster omelets to refreshing peanut ice, there’s something to tantalize every palate.

For an unforgettable experience, plan your visit on a Saturday or Sunday night to witness the mesmerizing glow of the iconic yellow lanterns illuminating the lively streets.

In summary, embarking on a day trip to Keelung from Taipei offers an enriching opportunity to immerse yourself in the allure and heritage of this historic port city. Diverging from the typical tourist attractions of Taipei, Keelung provides a tranquil escape where you can savor moments of serenity and embrace the local culture.

Moreover, Keelung’s proximity to Jiufen Old Street and the hiking trails of Yangmingshan Mountain presents the perfect opportunity for a comprehensive exploration of the region. If you’re traveling by private car, you can easily incorporate these destinations into your Taiwan itinerary for a day of discovery.

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[TRAVEL GUIDE] 5 Money-Saving Tips for Budget-Conscious Travelers to Taiwan

Are you planning a trip to Taiwan Trip, but worried about your tight travel budget? If so, then rest assured. You’re fortunate! From affordable local cuisines to famous tourist spots that cost almost nothing to visit, Taiwan has much more to offer. 

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However, most people fall into the most expensive tourist traps. In order to address this issue, we’re going to present some money-saving tips to visit Taiwan. So, you can save money for your next trip or something else to do.

  1. Look for Budget-friendly Accommodations

Due to an ever-evolving hospitality industry, a significant number of budget-friendly accommodations in Taiwan, especially in Taipei, are available. However, for cheap travel experiences, considering hostels are the most popular choice for prospective tourists. 

Don’t worry about the taiwan trip budget because you can get shared accommodation with other fellow budget-conscious travelers. This way, you can save more money during your trip to Taiwan. 

  1. Prioritize Public Transport for Commuting 

Taiwanese public transport would be a perfect solution for you if you’re about to stay in one of the major cities on this Island. You can take advantage of worth picking up a combined metro and bus pass. By using these passes, you can travel freely on all the public transport during a specified time period. 

Not only can you travel wherever you want, but you also can save on fares. Avoid traveling in taxis. Otherwise, you will have to spend maximum fares on just a single travel. 

  1. Prefer to Visit Free-of-Cost Attractions

In Taiwan, there is a whole range of captivating and mood-lifting attractions. But do you know the majority of them are free to explore? You can explore various temples and religious places with breathtaking architecture without any admission charges. 

Visiting Taipei 101 is costly, so consider hiking up the elephant mountain, which is just a short distance from the world’s tallest building. So, you can capture the retina-grabbing views of Taipei 101 and other hidden gem districts in Taipei. In short, you can have a memorable experience and, best of all, without paying even a single cent. 

  1. Consider Buffet Restaurants to Dine Out

Derailing a budget-friendly trip to Taiwan is possible when it comes to deciding on a place to eat. It’s best to find a buffet restaurant so you don’t need to struggle with the language barrier. The majority of buffet restaurants mention the names of dishes and food offerings in the English language.  

Just bring a plate, pick your favorite food, and enjoy a pocket-friendly dining experience. You can try delicious and traditional Taiwanese cuisines and desserts at affordable rates. 

  1. Do Clothes & Shoes Shopping at the Night Markets

Shopping malls and high street stores are too expensive everywhere. So, instead of shopping for clothes, shoes, and other accessories from such places, you need to look around Taiwan’s night markets

If you visit the biggest open market at night time, then you’ll surely get clothes and shoes at discounted rates. Local open markets usually have a wide selection of apparel, among other kinds of stuff. Also, try to buy clothes and shoes from stalls if you want to save money to the maximum extent. 

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[TAIWAN TRAVELS] A Half Day Trip to Shiding Thousand Island Lake (石碇千島湖 ) from Taipei- The Hidden Gem

*Updated January 2024*

On my latest visit to Taipei, my experience took a unique turn compared to my previous trips. This time, I dedicated half a day to venture beyond Taipei and explore Thousand Island Lake (千島湖) in Shiding. Unlike popular tourist destinations, this hidden gem is not well-known, as evidenced by our private cab driver of 42 years who had never been here before. Interestingly, it has started gaining attention among tourists, particularly after the impact of Covid where everyone is restricted to travelling.
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