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[JAPAN EATS] Tamejiro – Soba Restaurant at Tokyo Station | Japan

[JAPAN EATS] Tamejiro – Soba Restaurant at Tokyo Station | Japan

During my Tokyo trip last year, I passed by Tokyo Station almost everyday. Tokyo Station is one of the largest stations in Japan and there are many retail shops and restaurant to explore. It is the hub for the Shinkansen. So be sure to spare some time to explore the station when you are there in Tokyo, Japan. Read More

[JAPAN EATS] My Din Tai Fung Dining Experience in Tokyo

[JAPAN EATS] My Din Tai Fung Dining Experience in Tokyo

Din Tai Fung is a well-known Taiwanese style restaurant and it is one of the must-visit restaurants when in Taipei, Taiwan. The restaurant specializes in Xiao Long Bao and their pork chop fried rice. We were in Tokyo for a week and decided to have Chinese food for dinner on one of the night. Thus, we decided to visit Din Tai Fung restaurant located at Nihonbashi Branch out of their 17 branches in Japan. Read More

[JAPAN TRAVELS] Kaiseki Soujuan At Keio Plaza Hotel Dining Experience 懐石 ( 蒼樹庵 )

[JAPAN EATS] Kaiseki Soujuan At Keio Plaza Hotel Dining Experience 懐石 ( 蒼樹庵 )

During my trip to Tokyo, Japan, E & I had the opportunity to experience kaiseki dining experience at Soujuan Kaiseki, Keio Plaza Hotel. My last visit to Keio Plaza Hotel was 2 years back where we experienced the Japanese Tea Ceremony session. Time flies indeed! Read More

[JAPAN EATS] Buchiumaya – Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki – Hidden Gem in Tokyo City

Buchiumaya is a small restaurant that is located at some alley in Tokyo. The restaurant is known mainly to the locals and it is quite hard to find if you are a first-timer. Thank god I have E with me. He introduced this place to me when we travelled to Tokyo last December. Buchiumaya is a hidden gem that serves Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki. This place is definitely worth checking out if you have time to queue for it. Read More


Yes! Fugu (pufferfish or blowfish) and this time I get to try it in Tokyo, Japan. My first experience was at Fugu Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant in Singapore. Torafugu Tei is a chain of restaurant specializes in fugu dishes in Japan. We were attracted to the restaurant because of the live puffer fish tank displayed. And finally we decided to go for it on the last night in Tokyo (if I remembered correctly). Read More


During my December trip to Tokyo, Japan, I spent half a day at Harajuku/ Omotesando area for a food search. Both areas are centrally-located neighbourhoods in Tokyo. It is my first time to Japan and I am enjoyed every moment here. Omotesando is one of the luxury neighbourhoods in Tokyo where luxury brands are located along the streets. There are amazing modern architecture buildings that are worth taking a shot. Read More