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[TAIWAN HOTEL REVIEW] Hotel Stay Experience at Wallsun Hotel Taipei | Taiwan

During my recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan, I opted to stay at the Wallsun Hotel Taipei. Upon arriving at Taoyun Airport in the evening, I had arranged for a private car transfer to take me to the hotel in advance. Due to the peak period, the traffic on the highway was moving slowly, and it took about an hour to reach the hotel. Located in a prime area, the hotel is conveniently within walking distance of the train station and several convenience stores.

Read more: [TAIWAN HOTEL REVIEW] Hotel Stay Experience at Wallsun Hotel Taipei | Taiwan

The front desk staff was friendly and helpful during the check-ins.

By Car
Take National Freeway 1 —> Exit at 23B Yuanshan Interchange—>Jianguo Elevated Road—>Turn right at Zhongxiao East Road —> Turn Right at Jinshan N Rd.

Take the metro to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station and take exit 1. Then walk about 3 minutes to reach the hotel.
Taipei Metro:https://www.metro.taipei/

By bus
1. Take Bus Route 202, 202 (district), 212, 212 (night), 212 (direct), 232, 232 (secondary), 262, 262 (district), 299, 605, 605 (secondary), 605 (Xintaiwu), and Zhongxiao Xinganxian; get off at Zhongxiao Elementary School Stop. Then walk about 3 minutes to reach the hotel.
2. Take Bus Route 41, 72, 109, 203, 214, 214 (direct), 222, 226, 254, 280, 280 (direct), 290, 505, 642, 643, 665, 668, 669, 672, 675, 676, 680, 1501, 1505, 1550 and get off at Guanghua Digital Plaza Stop. Then walk about 5 minutes to reach the hotel.

It is convenient being just a short bus ride away from Ximen and Taipei Main Station. Alternatively, you can just take 4 minutes’ walk from MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to access the city.

Wallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room-3Wallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room

During our stay, we had the opportunity to experience two different room categories. The first room was the LG Business Smart Room, offering a stunning view of the Taipei 101 tower through its expansive windows. However, due to its proximity to the highway, there was some noise from passing cars. To mitigate this, the hotel provided earplugs for guests’ comfort.

One notable feature of the room was the inclusion of the LG Styler steam electronic wardrobe and LG PuriCare™ AeroFurniture, which also features wireless phone charging capabilities. The LG Styler steam electronic wardrobe was particularly intriguing as it allowed us to reduce wrinkles and odors, refreshing our clothes within minutes. It was my first encounter with such a feature in a hotel room, and I found it quite impressive. I utilized it to eliminate odors after returning from the night market, and it performed admirably.

Wallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room-5Wallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room-4Wallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room- working deskWallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room View-1

Additionally, the room features a generously sized working desk. Instead of a separate cabinet for hanging clothes, the design incorporates them into the desk area, creating more of an open-concept layout for this room.

Wallsun Hotel Taipei LG Room- Charging port

The room is equipped with basic amenities, including charging points with USB C Type connections, which is particularly convenient as many gadgets now utilize this type of charging port. This setup eliminates the need for travelers like us to carry additional adapters to connect to the charging points.

Wallsun Hotel Taipei-Amenities

In terms of other hotel amenities, the hotel prioritizes sustainability by placing them along the hotel room corridor for guests to take as needed, rather than placing them inside the rooms. This practice aims to minimize waste and encourages guests to take only what they require.

Balcony Room Wallsun Hotel Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park

For one night, I moved to the Balcony room. The room boasts a balcony with 2 chairs and a table where hotel guests can chill outside offering a view of the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Personally, I found this room preferable due to its tranquility and superior soundproofing compared to the previous room overlooking the highway. Each room provides a distinct atmosphere, but both are enjoyable in their own way. Despite being smaller in size, the Balcony room is still quite manageable, with enough space to accommodate two medium-sized suitcases.

Fu Hang soymilk breakfast Taipei Taiwan

Another standout feature of the hotel was its daily delivery service of Fu Hang soymilk breakfast.I had visited the physical store during my previous visit, and it has since gained even more popularity. Information regarding the service charges for weekdays and weekends can be found on their website. Although the service fee is slightly higher compared to purchasing through KLOOK, you have the flexibility to decide a day in advance rather than having to set a date beforehand with KLOOK. The hotel’s cutoff time for ordering is 6:30 PM one day prior to the desired delivery day.

Having said so, if you have your itinerary mapped out in advance, it’s advisable to pre-order to save some costs.

Overall, Wallsun Hotel Taipei is good value for money, convenient location, and good service. You can consider checking them out if you are planning a trip to Taipei, Taiwan.

Address :No.1, Jinshan North Road, Zhongzheng Dist, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100 Taiwan
Website: https://www.wallsun.com.tw/en/