I traveled to Yangon, Myanmar with a Korean friend on July this year. We were so easy-going that we just booked the air ticket and flew there with no plans. Somehow rather travel with plans can be challenging and scary but it is pretty awesome experience as you explore to uncertainties. And if you are unaware, travelling to Myanmar will require Visa.
Here is a guide to apply for Myanmar Visa from my recent experience.

There are options to get your Visa down. Either through travel agency, apply through Myanmar Embassy and online visa application. As we all know, applying through travel agency will require additional service charges thus I opt out for the option. If apply through Myanmar Embassy in Singapore, you need to make online appointment before you head to the embassy. Thus, I decided to go through online Visa application which is easy and most importantly I do not need to apply leave to get my things done.

If you browse through Myanmar Embassy website, all the information is clearly stated. The tourist Visa application form can be found online to download.

The visa fee for Tourist is S$35.00 but if you are applying through online application, the fees is USD50.00 which will incur additional cost. However, if you were to go down to the embassy to do the application, the two way transportation fees and your waiting time will cost even more. Moreover, the visa application hours are not appealing for my schedule.

The requirements for application are clearly stated in the website as well. So, once you get your information ready, fill up the e-visa application form through online.

Once it is done, an email notification will be sent to your mailbox informing you that the application is pending for approval. (My email as sample reference).

The processing time was quite fast as it took 1 day for my application to approve. Email was sent officially with my e-Visa approval form in pdf. (My email as sample reference).

And I am all good to set off the journey.

Website to apply e-visa: http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/

Official Myanmar Embassy Website: http://www.mesingapore.org.sg/visa.html

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