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I had my first CNY movie for the year at “Let’s Eat Gala Premiere” few days back. This movie is directed and starred by Chapman To 杜汶泽 alongside with Aimee Chan 陈茵媺, other actors from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
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Ah Yong Café is nowhere near its heydays, and the owner decides to get his elder daughter Rosemary (Aimee Chan) to return from Europe to salvage the business. Rosemary is keen to introduce new ideas to the café, but is often in conflict with its head chef Dai Hung (Chapman To). Dai Hung, eager to improve things at the restaurant, attempts to convince Rosemary that the quality of food is what matters most to customers. Rosemary decides to enter a cooking competition organized by a regional television channel to salvage the reputation of Ah Yong Café. Dai Hung and Rosemary decide to put aside their differences and embark on a quest to reinvent their menu to save Ah Yong Café.


My Review:
Since the screening is in Singapore, the movie is translated in Mandarin language. I personally felt that it would be better in Cantonese language. Since it is a Chinese New Year movie, Let’s Eat showcases series of comedies in the story plot. We are used to HK comedies in movies but this movie injects in the comedies version of Singapore and Malaysia. And it focuses on the Hainanese Chicken Rice.
The love hate relationship develops along the storyline between Dai Hung (Chapman To) and Rosemary (Aimee Chan) was quite predictable. Nevertheless, their acting skills are good and able to cast their respective role well. As for the supporting role, I am unable to see the shine in this movie and it just flash seconds seeing them appearing in scenes without any attracted attention.
As for the laughing part, I enjoyed the dramatic slow-motion on certain scenes that made the hilarious point even noticeable.
Also, if you watch and listen in details, the movie also shows how the current social media is trending. Just to name a few habits ; taking photos till the foods turn cold, take photo of the foods before eating, selfies, stalkers in instagram and ‘likes’ addiction. These all truly reflects the current life of most people.
There is a part of the scene where chef Dai Hung cooked a spread of delicacies in the kitchen one night but I could not relate it to other scenes. It is like no beginning or ending of what does this scene trying to interpret.
Let’s Eat movie was filmed in Malaysia and Singapore. I am able to notice some of the locations from the background. If you are a fan of Chapman To (杜汶泽), Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan (陈茵媺), Hong Kong hip-hop duo FAMA 农夫 member C-Kwan (郑诗君), veteran award-winning artist Lo Hoi Pang (卢海鹏), Malaysia’s Tommy Kuan (关栋珉) & newcomer Daphne Low (刘倩妏) and Singapore’s well-loved comedian Patricia Mok (莫小玲), do catch them in this movie.

You can catch the movie from 05 February 2016 onwards.

[Thanks Clover Films for the invite.]

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