[TAIWAN TRAVELS] A Half Day Trip to Shiding Thousand Island Lake from Taipei- The Hidden Gem

[TAIWAN TRAVELS] A Half Day Trip to Shiding Thousand Island Lake (石碇千島湖 ) from Taipei- The Hidden Gem

My recent trip to Taipei is rather different from the previous trip. This time round I am taking half day to explore out of Taipei to Thousand Island Lake (千島湖) , Shiding. This is not a popular tourist attraction place because our private cab driver who drove for 42 years has never been here before.
Shiding Thousand Island Lake-1
How To Get To Thousand Island Lake (千島湖) from Taipei
There are several options for you to choose and we decided to go with private cab driver this time. The reason being is that we decided the night before.It was too late to book from online platform and we take our own sweet time to travel there.
We booked through our hotel reception for 4 hours private cab service, which turned out to be the cab driver. The 4 hours service is 2500TWD ~S$114.94 and we tipped the cab driver 200TWD ~S$9.20 for his good service.
Alternatively, you can opt for :
Public Transport– Take to Xindian Station (新店捷運站) and take Green #12 bus to Shiding (石碇) to the “Shisangu” (十三股) bus stop where you get off and walk down the hill.
Note: Taking public transport can be quite inconvenient because of the timing and availability.
Book through Klook package for a half day trip that starts early and finished by noon.
Book through KKDAY package for a full day trip that covers Shiding Old Street.

Thousand Island Lake (石碇 千島湖)
Shiding Thousand Island Lake
Shiding Thousand Island Lake-Taipei-1
Shiding Thousand Island Lake-Taipei
Thousand Island Lake was derived from Qiandao Lake in Mainland China. The area was formed by the surrounding Feitsui Reservoir and Beishi River. It is located in the middle of the water that gives the sense of thousands of islands.
Shiding Walking Trail-Thousand Island Lake-1
Shiding Walking Trail-Thousand Island Lake
If you are getting private driver like us, be sure to tell your driver to drive to Yongan Trail (永安步道) so that you can get this particular view shot here.

Ba Gua Tea Plantation
Shiding Thousand Island Lake-2
Shiding Thousand Island Lake-Tofu Ice Cream
Ba Gua Tea Plantation-Shiding

Ba Gua Tea Plantation
Ba Gua Tea Plantation-Shiding-1
We also stopped over Ba Gua Tea Plantation for a while. There is a pit stop where tourists can view the tea plantation. The locals there are friendly and approachable. We even bought a tofu ice-cream TWD50~S$2.30 from them.
Apart from Ba Gua Tea Plantation, there is other plantation including Pinglin Tea Plantation and Klook package goes there.
The whole journey took us 4 hours from hotel to the location and back to hotel again. If you wish to explore Shiding Old Street (石碇老街), do extend your travelling time. There is noodles workshop available via pre-booking. Other than that, I think old streets are all pretty much the same so we decided to skip that and end our journey with the beautiful greenery scenery.

Note: You may experience car sick due to the uneven road and the steep route up to the tea plantation or the lake. So, be prepared!

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