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My last renewal passport in Malaysia post was 2011 and here is the updated on with new system. So, I hope my renewal passport experience in Johor Bahru can help those who are planning to do it in Johor Bahru instead of Singapore.

Where to Renew Passport in Johor?
Here are the lists of Johor Immigration Offices for your reference

What to Bring for Renewal Passport?
With the new system, all you need to bring is:
1. I/C – Note: Your I/C must be the updated one otherwise please renew it before you can apply for renewal passport
2. Current Passport
3. Birth Certificate based on the stated requirements stated here.
4. Cash/ Credit Card

How to Renew Passport at UTC Johor Bahru?
I did my renewal passport at UTC in Johor Bahru. It is located inside Galleria at Kotaraya, Johor Bahru. A short walking distance from Johor CIQ and to give you a general view, it is consider opposite Faculty of Caffeine. The shopping mall entrance opens at 8.00am but you can see people are gathered around.
As soon as the security guard opens the door at 8am sharp, everyone dashed in and get to Level 2 of UTC office to queue for number.
First, queue to get a number. The officer will check your I/C and passport before giving out the number. You cannot get someone else to get a number for you.
Note: And for senior citizen, they will be given different queue number. There are two counters especially for senior citizen to renew their passport.
Next, wait for your turn. The officer will take photo on the spot and do the necessary form updated. So, please ensure that you are wearing dark colour to do your passport. Otherwise, they will provide you the black coat or shawl to cover your shoulder.
Then, keep your number and wait for the payment counter to call. Make your payment and the receipt will state the time of passport collection. It will be an hour after making payment. I paid RM200 for my passport renewal.
Remember to place your receipt at the counter next to it. There will be a notice box stating to place your receipt there. Please do it otherwise you will never get your name called.

The receipt with stated number and time collection of the new passport

And be sure to be back at the counter where you placed your receipt on time. The reason is because the officer will not use the number system to call. She/ He will call out name instead. So, you need to be attentive enough to hear her calling.

P/S: She/he will offer you to purchase the passport cover of RM5.00. You can opt not to purchase.

And I got my passport around 10.30am and all set to go home. It was quite fast and hassle-free. The next thing to do is to go to ICA website to transfer my re-entry permit so that I can go back Singapore with updated passport details. And you can use autogate system in Singapore directly. Alternatively, go to manual counter if you have yet to update your re-entry details.

And there is a notice stating that you can now renew your passport online. Do share if anyone did passport renewal experience through online!

Updated Information: ( 03 Aug 2019)
For those who are doing passport renewal, only physical IC and existing passport are needed. Photocopy of these documents are not required. Birth cert is not needed too.

New timing
Sun-Thu 1pm-10pm (break time 7pm-8pm)
Fri-Sat 8am-5pm (break time 1215pm-245pm on Fri only)
Closed on public holidays)

Update by one of the reader, Johnny, he did an online renewal recently. After submitting online, remember to print out the resit (receipt) . This is very important. The receipt will be needed by every officer involved; from processing to collection.
1. No electronic copies on phone allowed and the earliest collection is next day after 3:00PM.
2. You need to collect within 90 days.
3. Passport issue date is date of collection, not date of application.

If you are doing it at UTC Johor, no need to join queue to take queue number. You just go to first available processing counters (1-8) with the printed online collection receipt, mykad and passport. Photo will be retaken again on the spot.

After that, proceed straight to collection area and wait for name to be called. No need to join second queue to pay and no need to put resit in the box in the collection area.

Additional notes for online application:
*Updated 27 November 2019*
(Information shared by Saravana)
1) the photo you upload online need not to be passport photo merely, crop your selfie also can. Reason because actual photo would still be taken at the counter. The online application take just 5 mins of updating address if any changes applicable, then pay via credit card or fpx.

2) after payment if the print receipt option didn’t show up ( no the print receipt from maybank2u or etc, you do not need to produce that at the counter) fret not, reopen the application page, and go to semakan status, enter your passport/ic details and the status will show up together with the print option
3) definitely need printed copy of the JPN receipt, ic and previous passport to process. Birth cert not required.

4) the actual process is that you pay and confirm your details via online. Then, take photo, fingerprint and collect the next day. This helps you to save tons of hours because you only spend 1 hour to collect upon reaching UTC. Otherwise, if u attend personally, you need to wake up 6-7am to reach there, queue, take number, wait, counter, wait again, pay, wait again, collect. Half a day gone. But you got no choice if you need same day collection.

Hope this helps for those are planning to renew passport in Johor Bahru.
For more details, you can visit this link

UTC Johor
Address: Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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