[SG EVENT] Singapore Top Young Chef Finals 2015

Singapore youth chef 2015-13Singapore Top Young Chef FINALS 2015 is the first time competition in Singapore organized by Singapore Junior Chefs Club. The purpose of the competition is to allow young aspiring chefs to exhibit their creativity and take on culinary techniques. However, there are requirements to be fulfilled to be one of them. The top 6 young chefs in the FINALS are all under the age of 25 and looking aspiring.Singapore youth chef 2015- 14I was honored to be invited by Jenny to witness the event. Together with other media parties, Eric and I were given a tour around the open kitchen where all the finalists were busy preparing the dishes within the time limit. Each finalist has their own work station to work on. Everyone was engrossed with their preparation and ensure dishes cooked and prepared are within their control. They were given 20 minutes time for each dishes to be served.

Some of the photos taken during my tour at the open kitchen where contestants are working very hard to accomplish the mission.
Singapore youth chef 2015 Singapore youth chef 2015-2 Singapore youth chef 2015- 1Singapore youth chef 2015-4 Singapore youth chef 2015-6

We were told that contestants were given the same ingredients and readily available at the other side for them to pick and choose. Thus, each contestant will need to use their creativity and talents to make delightful and anticipating courses for us. Singapore youth chef 2015-7

So while waiting for the finalists to get prepare with the foods servings, we were ushered to another room to wait for it to be served. Each table will be served with different courses by the 6 finalists. Thus, different dishes are presented on the table of the diners.Singapore youth chef 2015-8 Singapore youth chef 2015-9 Singapore youth chef 2015-10 Singapore youth chef 2015- 11Singapore youth chef 2015- 12The winner emerged to be the only female chef from Restaurant Portico. Congrats to Sherine Lim on her wining! She won herself the title of the first Singapore Top Young Chef and appointed the prestigious position of team assistance for the Singapore National Team for the IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany 2016.Singapore youth chef 2015-5

She will also be invited to participate in events by the main sponsors and travel the region with sponsored travel expenses of around S$8000.00. This will definitely gives her a new perspective and life learning experience.Singapore youth chef 2015-15

This is a wonderful experience and thanks to Singapore Junior Chefs Club, the young aspiring chefs-to-be can be more active and build up their confidence level in them. The initiative of this competition can promote the awareness and enhance the talented ones to strive further. Learning is always a long life learning journey and with experience in it, it will be even sweeter.

For more photos, check out Singapore Junior Chefs Club and Singapore Chef’s Association

[This is a media event invite. Thanks Jenny for the invite.]

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