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Hello! I had a wonderful beauty therapy session at Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic & Laser Centre. I was there last Saturday for Methode Physiodermie Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facial. It is my first time trying this and I heard that MLD is beneficial to our health. It helps to increase and improve the blood circulation on the massage focus area and helps on more than 60 different ailments and conditions. The massage is a non-invasive way of removing toxins and keeping the cells healthy through the lymphatic system.
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Before I move on, a little introduction on the brand of the product that was used for the facial, Methode Pysiodermie. All Physiodermie products are natural ingredients which are extracted from pure organic plants. Based on morphological predominance analysis as well as manual application technique, Methode Physiodermie was designed to meet specific needs of each woman to ensure individualized and targeted care. The brand is manufactured in Switzerland which contains the Meima Technology. It also has high concentration of therapeutic essential oils and is hypoallergenic.Methode Physiodermie Manual Lymphatic Drainage-Dr Benjamin Yim
I started off with the usual practise which is to get change and get comfortable on the bed to get myself pampered by the beautician of the day. Firstly, I had Deep Cleansing Milk to cleanse my face and Stabilizing Lotion PH Balancing to enhance the penetration of active ingredients.
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Next, we moved on to the following step ; Soft Face Biopeeling. This requires 2 steps treatment of applying a specific double action (enzymatic) exfoliating gel on my face for a while. Then, the beautician did a facial massage to gently sweep away dead cells favoring the cellular renewal process while oxygenating the skin.
Now that my skin is clean from the cleansing, extraction is the next step to remove the stubborn blackheads and pores for better clarity of the skin. Methode Physiodermie Manual Lymphatic Drainage-Dr Benjamin Yim-3
Once the extraction is done, I had a sheet mask with PH Lotion and Soothing Bioarome mixed with Concentrate Hydro-Tonifying . The purpose is to treat skin ailments such as dehydration, redness and fine lines. It is best to have it after extraction as there will be certain areas of redness. It also works as a serum that absorbed into the skin quickly and more deeply for a more intensive effect.Also, with the hydro-tonifying, it gives a clearer complexion and firms the tissues while repairing damage caused by the sun and rebuilds the natural foundation of the skin.
During the cooling mask process, I totally fell asleep with no worries and stress in mind.
Also, I get to enjoyed MLD massage specially trained from the beautician. The massage process was relaxing and comfortable. I felt that my neck is no longer that stiff and feeling great.
My after facial looks and pardons my face expression as I fall asleep during the process.

Photo taken after facial look with no make up on that day
Photo taken after facial look with no make up on that day

Overall,I felt that my skin is clean and hydrated with ample of products applied all over my face. The whole facial process was approximately 2 hours. I always feel awesome after a good facial and massage by the skilful beautician. The skill of the beautician also plays a part in providing a good facial treatment. MLD Facial for each session is S$250.00. If you interested to sign package, do consult the beautician for more details.

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