Today’s Beauty post is about my recent visit to D’skin which is located at Heartland Mall, Kovan. This is my first time with this brand. D’skin is a range of skin care formulated and researched in Japan.They offers variety of treatments and cater according to the customer’s skin type and condition. You can find out more about D’skin background here.
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Before the facial, I was given a warm drink and forms to fill. Then, the beautician had my skin analysed using a standalone PC-powered skin assessment system called Soft Plus. The machine is able to test the skin’s sebum, hydration, elasticity, melanin, pores and skin pH level which will then generate a report accordingly. The result was not appealing as my skin was dehydrated, dry and dull. D'skin Skincare Treatment

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So, I was suggested to go for Miracle Oxy Light Treatment. This facial treatment aims to super renew, tones, smoothens and heal the skin. It also helps to carry cosmetic products in the epidermis, favouring skin absorption in an optimum way, thus exalting their qualities.
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As usual, I was lead to the treatment room to start the treatment. The facial treatment is approximately 90 minutes and you can comfortably doze off during the process. Why I said so because I dozed off during the process (#dontjudgeme ). The treatment started of with the usual procedure including cleansing, extraction and mask.
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The highlight is the oxygen machine. D’Skin uses jet applicator that gently uses pressure to cleanse the skin with oxygen and saline at supersonic speed. I can feel the pressure hitting on my skin during the process. Also, my skin is exfoliated immediately and I felt my skin cooling and hydrated.
D'skin Miracle Oxy Light Treatment-6
I also enjoyed the neck and shoulder massage which was just in time to relax my muscle. This is also the part that I enjoyed most during facial treatment.
Here’s my photo after the treatment. I can feel my skin is hydrated and refreshed.
D'skin Miracle Oxy Light Treatment-7
So, what can you achieve after for Miracle Oxy Light Treatment?

• Immediate smoother skin
• Improvement of the skin’s hydration and structure
• Improvement of the skin’s appearance and quality
• Lift face and rejuvenate skin
• Lift neck muscles and tighten chin skin
• Tones Facial muscles

Although you can see the immediate results, you also need to maintenance your skin condition after the facial. Thus, drinking more water and watch out for the foods intake plays an important role as well.

For more information, you can refer to D’skin website or contact them.
Website: http://www.dskinlab.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dskinSG/

[Thanks D’Skin & BC for the complimentary facial treatment. No monetary is involved and reviews are based on my experience.]

Heartland Mall, Kovan
205 Hougang St 21
Singapore 530205
Tel: +65 6282 7388

Su Beau Derma Clinik (Novena Square)
238 Thomson Road
Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Tel: +65 6252 5822
Seleter Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue
Singapore 797653
Tel: +65 6384 4788

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