My first visit to Hong Kong Disneyland was in year 2010 and 5 years later I am back to the fairytale theme park. Disneyland holds the memories for both young and old. The fairytale stories were told from generations to generations and it just makes the whole childhood memories sweeter.

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island which is accessible via MTR (Mass Transit Railway) , buses and taxis. I would suggest getting a ride via train for one of the way to experience the Disneyland Resort Line. The Mickey Mouse train design concept to fetch you to the fairytale land and it just trigger the excitement to the magic journey.
I was there with my cousins and here are parts of the photos taken during my 1 day magical journey here.

Also, 11 TIPS TO SHARE when you intend to visit Disneyland:-
1. Online Tickets Purchase
Thanks to my HK friend, she told me to purchase the tickets online to avoid disappointment. You may get discounts for group purchase if you book in advance. This also helps to save time from queuing to purchase the tickets on that day.
2. Redeem FastPass Tickets
Do you know that you can redeem 2 fast lane tickets using your Disneyland ticket purchase? I personally felt that do not need to waste extra cash to purchase fast lane ticket. You can utilize the Fastpass privilege for Space Mountain and Winnie The Pooh ride. With Fastpass, you can enjoy the minimal the waiting time. You can put the entrance ticket into a machine near the rides to get a FastPass. It will generate the ticket with time stamp for you to come back for the ride.
3.Prepare Bites & Drinks
Although there are restaurants and food kiosks all over Disneyland, the price is deeming to be pricey. Prepare some light snacks to fill your stomach while queuing for rides or show. The average queuing time starts from 20 minutes onwards for most of the rides, shows and even photo taking with the Disney characters.

4.Stay Focus & Plan Your Schedule
Plan your Disneyland routes so that you can conquer your favourite places by end of the day. Don’t be distracted by the characters if you are on your way to rides. We love character meet-and-greets and if you love to take photos with them, find out their meeting time schedule. From my latest observations, people start to queue in line even before the character appears. Thus, focus on what you want to achieve either to watch shows, rides or photography with the Disney characters. This will be your ultimate goals in Disneyland.

5.Arrive Early or On Time
Theme park usually starts to operate at 10am. Be sure to arrive on time so that you can fully utilize your day trip in the wonderful theme park.You can also avoid the queuing crowd to enter into Disneyland.
6. See the Shows & Parade
The shows in Hong Kong Disneyland are entertaining and fun. Try to make it a point to see their live action shows. The kids will love it and you will be busy snapping away with your camera.

7.Stickers Collection for Kids
If you are visiting Disneyland with kids, they will surely interest with stickers from Disneyland. The cast members will have stickers in their pockets and watch out for them. They will be giving the stickers to kids. This is one of the perks being a kid collecting FREE stickers to add into their sticker album.

8. Prams Rental
If you are travelling with toddlers, there are prams rental service available from the Main Street Fire Station complete with rain covers. However, based on my observation, the seats are hard and seem to be uncomfortable for toddlers.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to have it so that the tired toddlers can have a sit and rest and parents can save the trouble from carrying them all day long.

Hong Kong Disneyland

9. Secure a GOOD view for Fireworks
Gone were the days that you can actually secure a good view 20 minutes before the show. From my latest experience in December, people started to form a line to secure ‘seats’ for a good view to see the magnificent fireworks ONE hour before the show starts. So, make sure you get yourself prepare for longer waiting time for the show instead of going around the place to shop first.

10. FREE WIFI Services
Free WIFI services are available at certain parts of the theme parks. If you are a social media freak and yet does not spend money to purchase the internet access, FREE wifi is available. As for me, I would prefer to stay disconnect and enjoy my wonderful fairytale theme park for the day.

BONUS: Keep Calm & Enjoy
Last but not least, just keep calm and enjoy the theme park with your companion. Nothing beats than a good company to enjoy the beautiful moments together. The Disney in the Stars Fireworks is magical at the castle to marks a beautiful ending for Hong Kong Disneyland.

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*[ All these are based on my experience and observation during my Boxing Day ( 26th December 2015) trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Do feel free to drop your comments if you have any inputs or ideas for the post.]*

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