Have you got your CNY angpow money sorted? And time for some shopping spree perhaps? I have been browsing through Zalora SG website from time to time to keep a lookout for any interesting and new stuffs to explore. And this time round, I came across Salvatore Ferragamo perfume Singapore. As far as I know, the brand, Salvatore Ferragamo is known with classic shoes collection by the Italian shoe desginger itself. And so I did a bit of read up from Zalora that it then went on for a joint venture with Bulgaro S.p.A to start marking and distribution of perfumes. More perfume selection in my list now.
As I browse through the perfume section, Salvatore Ferragamo has quite a few collections to choose from. Each perfume has an unique design bottle packaging that is ideal for gift to your loved ones. I have screenshot some of the perfumes that I am keen to check out further.
ferragamo perfume-zalora
ferragamo perfume-zalora-1

“Perfume is the most intense form of memory – Jean Paul Guerlain “

Each perfume comes with the detail descriptions of the feminine scents. There are detail description of the size of the perfume, ingredients used in it and many more information which can all be found in the platform.
ferragamo perfume
There are even discounts for the selected fragrance. And so happen that my friend’s birthday is around the corner. So, I am considering to purchase the ‘ NEW’ collection, Ferragamo Aqua Essenziale as a birthday gift for my friend. What do you think?
ferragamo perfume-zalora-2
ferragamo perfume-zalora-3
There are descriptions, details of the products at the same page for my viewing. Thus, I find it very information to have all of it in a page.All you need is to make sure you spend over S$40.00 to have the item delivered for free!

So, choose a fragrance of your choice today! Nothing is more memorable than a smell.


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