I was invited for Gala Premiere of Apprentice last week at Singapore’s most iconic theatre, The Capitol. This film, Apprentice is Singapore local production directed by Boo Junfeng. It took him 5 years to come up with the script.

Synopsis of the movie:
This movie revolves around the newly appointed prison guard – Aiman (played by Singapore actor, Firdaus Rahman) who is a young correctional officer who has recently transferred to Singapore’s top prison. He lives with his older sister, Suhalia (starring local actress, Mastura Ahmad) in a modest housing estate after both of their parents passed away.
At his new workplace, he befriended a long-serving Chief Executioner of the prison, Rahim (played by Malaysian actor, Wan Hanafi Su). When Chief Rahim’s assistant suddenly resigns, Aiman was given the opportunity to take over his place to become his apprentice.
Aiman’s sister was upset upon learning about her brother’s new position as their father was executed by Chief Rahim and Aiman knew about this all along.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHmE0PplWhA&w=643&h=360]

Movie Review:
‘Apprentice’ sends out a strong and powerful message about capital punishment in Singapore. The message conveyed is raw, bleak and powerful, as most Singaporeans are not really aware of what happens during an execution.

The Apprentice, unlike most local movies that tends to be light hearted, is sort of heavy and towards the dark side. It takes a different angle for viewers to enter the world of the executioners and the executed criminals’ family members. It is much of a thoughts provoking movie.
Apprentice SG still #1 (Meg White)
While Amin seemingly wanted to help those criminals who wanted to change, there is actually more to it. So is it truly because of he simply wanted to help those who truly repent or is it because for his own personal reason that he wanted to join the profession as a correctional officer? What is his actual intention when he decided to learn his ropes from Rahim the executioner, who puts his father to death?
Apprentice SG-hazeldiary
On the other hand, Rahim the executioners, is firm in believing in the righteousness in his job to uphold justice, giving the deserving punishments to which those criminals should receive. The only way to show compassion towards them is by carrying out the execution in the fastest way, causing minimal pain. While he seems lest affected by the people (including hs wife) surrounding him, leaving because of his job nature, he has not been honest with the shop staff on the actual use of the rope. So is he really immune to people treating him differently upon learning his job role?

The movie ended quite abruptly with some doubts left unanswered. Some commented that the ending feels like a horror movie, you need to walk in to vet for yourself!

Do show some support for this local production, and remember to catch the ‘Apprentice’, which will be premiering on the 30th of June 2016.
*Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice has made it to Cannes Film Festival 2016*

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