Yes this is my post title for today. Blogging has evolved over the years and social media has been growing rapidly and became part of our routine life. Believe it or not as we tend to hook up with our smart phone rather than talking to each other in person. As for myself, I do admit that I am hooked up and blogging is part of my daily life now. I have been updating this space for the past 8 years since my old blog.

So, readers / audience who read my blog will expect that my site loading speed should be fast. This is a typical expectation for every webpage you came across. With the improvement of the technologies, the speed loading pages are accustomed according to the browsers. If my page loading is slow, readers / audience will lose interest on my page. Thus, website speed test is very important. Website speed also refers to server speed and other fronted elements (like the size of images and content cache).
I was introduced to Bitcatcha that provides an online tool for users to check the server speed test. Bitcatcha has recently updated free server speed test to benchmark the results against the top 10,000 websites on the web. Thus, the speed checker can now speed check and come out with comparison results.

Here’s my result after the server speed test:

Step 1: Enter your domain website and it will detect your IP address
Step 2: Bitcatcha will show the results.

I was told by one of my IT friend that it is important to check my site speed on a regular basis. This is because sometimes the loading will be delayed due to cached content which you might not aware about it. Thus, this online tool gives me a good insights on how my site is performing from time to time.
Each time there will be a grading for the assessment. Bitcatcha will calculate the average based on the elements and come out with the end result.
There is also an explanation of the result on how can you work on for the site.(See below sample from my speed checker result)

With the help of the tool, users like me are able to see how well our site is performing. And Bitcatcha also has a section that shares insights as well.This can enhance the webmasters and also bloggers like us on the knowledge of this area. With the help of the information sharing,users like us are able to benefit from the information sharing on the platform. There are even tips sharing to enhance your website too. Bitcatcha can also serves as an IT e-magazine for those who seeks to improve the web page in all kinds of aspects.

For a non-technical person like me, I personally find it easy and use-friendly for this online tool. After getting known about this, i learnt that if the website loading speed is more than 5 seconds (average 2-5 seconds) , it means that there are issues need to fine tune to improve my website performance. And best part,solutions can be found through bitcatcha article as well!

For more information, check out their official website

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