Denim is noun refers to hard-wearing cotton twill fabric, typically blue and used for jeans and other clothing. Denim is also equivalent to ultimate classic apparels that never go out of style. You can just pair them effortless with any top or accessories from the closet. Either shorts, jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses and many other designs, there are something for everyone.

Are you denim lovers as well? Denim is no longer restricted to casual and weekend outfits these days. Denim fabrics are used not only for trousers but also for others include tops, bags, shoes and more. These days, jeans can be worn anytime, anywhere for all kinds of occasions. I used to wear denim outfits for classes and outings. As I moved to the working society, I also incorporated denim apparels into my daily outfits too.

Here are some favourite denim pieces from Espirit Singapore :
Denim Mini Dress
For weekdays, I can just dressed up in Denim Mini Dress and put on a blazer during working hours. After knock off, I will just remove my blazer and off I go for a date or casual gathering with friends. Less time spent thinking about what to wear early morning especially rushing to work.

Indoor Denim Regular Jackets
If you are feeling adventurous, dress up with the jackets to pull off the cool look. I would wear a white t-shirt top with a skirt or trousers and put on the jacket to complete the outfit look. And most importantly, the denim jacket is light enough to wear on a warm spring day.

Denim Bottoms
Denim bottoms such as shorts are indeed saviour for wardrobe disaster. The cut does not hug the bottom too well and it is comfortable. Paired them with a white top or any stripes top with sport shoes or scandals, you are good to go for a whole day outing. Simple, comfortable and stylish. And of course, different denim bottoms have different cutting so does check out what is best for you.

Compared to other fabrics, denims are very versatile and durable. Although the denim price is usually priced at a high note, you do realize that the quality and the durable worth its value.

Denims are definitely a must have!

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