Slide the City is finally here in Johor Bahru last weekend. The event gives participants the opportunity to waterslide on city streets and we had it at Hutan Bandar MPJBT, Skudai, Johor. My cousins and I were there in the morning session because we wanted to avoid the hot weather in the afternoon.
After registration is made, we were given the tag, inflatable tube, water gun, t-shirt and a bottle of water. (The goodies are depending on which ticket tier you purchased). Thanks to #Slidethecityasia for the ticket and we started our fun time with the water play. Nothing beats sliding down a water slide into a pool of water especially under such a hot weather.

So, the slide is not the only activity at the event. There are food stalls, sponsor booths and dunk game at the event too. My cousin took up the challenge and had fun with it. This reminds me of the Running Man game too. If only they add on few stations for the dunk game so that others can play concurrently.


We moved on to the slide up the hill. How smooth the slide ride can be depending on the amount of slope. We did not have a great ride all times. We started off with initial rush and need staffs to help to push our tube to rush forward to continue to ride. It is partly because the slide was insufficient water. So, to slide all the way to the bottom end, it required help from the hardworking staffs to pull and push the sliders. It could be way more fun if the slide is smooth all the way.




Nevertheless, it was a fun time bonding together and get wet together!

Here are my tips after the event:

1. Make sure your inner tubes are available. It is required to ride.
2. It is a slippery surface. Thus, make sure you becareful and get your swim shoes or barefoot to play. Flips flops are not advisable though although most of them are wearing it. But they will left it aside and went barefoot to play the slide.
3. Go early in the day so that you won’t need to queue in long lines. The lines get crazier by noon.
4. Wear running shorts or athletic material tank over your swimsuit in caution of malfunction case happening
5. Bring waterproof case to protect your phone or camera if you wish to shoot.
6. Have fun!

Thanks for the invite. My cousins and I had a great time with the water play.

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