There are many review portals online that give consumers up-to-date information and trending topics. So, which type of portal do you usually check out? I was introduced to Ehbuzz portal which is a buzz portal that provides consumers information through gamification. Gamification refers to the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.
EhBuzz Online Portal
I joined the portal during November 2016 to check out the application of this portal. Here is what they offer.

1. One-Stop Guide
ehbuzz (2)
The portal offers 3 main areas- Gourmet, Beauty & Technology. Consumers get to know and introduced with trending buzzes and outlets here with just a click at Ehbuzz. Most of the online portals specialize in one area which users will need to find time browsing to other platforms for information.

2. Updated Review Information
EHBUZZ- Buzz details

EHBUZZ- Buzz rating
We constantly checking for up-to-date information whenever we need to purchase stuffs or even visit a place. This portal ensures the reviews are constantly updated with the latest review dates by users. This is pretty useful especially when people like us decided to visit the place for dinner or even purchase any beauty products. This will serve as a reference and manage our expectations.

3. Be a Gamer
Signing up as a user or Ehbuzz called it as hunter is equally signing up a game app as well. The difference is that this so called gamification gives insight information to other users as well. So being a hunter, you are given a mission lists to achieve. Once the each mission is achieved, there will be a special badges awarded. And every point is achievable by contributing information into the portal. For example, introduce new outlets or food reviews. This will entitles a percentage of experience points.

4. User Details/ Hunter Details
EHBUZZ- Hunter Details
Apart of checking out reviews and trending buzzes, users can also check out individual hunter details. There are other social media platforms (eg. Facebook, instagram, twitter) connected at the details page which enables others to know the hunter better.

After using it for a while, I find it is user-friendly portal. I hope that the loading speed can be improved though. It is still a new online portal and can’t wait to explore other areas like Beauty and Technology soon.

All images are credited to www.ehbuzz.com unless otherwise stated.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with www.ehbuzz.com

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