We all know about the health benefits that comes with consuming fruits and vegetables, and therefore, fresh fruits and vegetable juices are definitely healthy drinks for all ages. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body whereas fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Both help to increase energy, strengthen our immune system, improves our complexion, gives us stronger bones, reduce our risk of diseases. But is everyone disciplined enough to prepare fresh juices to drink every day?
UNIF introduces Nutri-mix drink, a perfect combination of fruit and vegetable juices with great taste and benefits. You can easily get your daily nutrients fix with UNIF. And I was glad to know that all the nutrients comes from 100% fruits and vegetables without any sugar, artificial colouring or preservative added.
UNIF Nutri-Mix comes in 4 flavours:
1. UNIF Green Veggie: Detox (Chlorophyll)
Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s instrumental in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll has amazing versatility and power to control hunger, cravings, and body odour. Besides that, its super potent antioxidant also promises potential for cancer therapy and promotes healthy iron levels.

2. UNIF Mixed Veggie: Digestion (Vitamin A, C & E)
Our digestive system needs certain vitamins to function properly and each essential vitamin functions differently. Vitamin A helps to boost vision, bone, and reproductive health. Vitamin C helps to prevent colds and is essential to aid digestion by supporting healthy teeth and gums, and helping the body to absorb iron. Lastly, Vitamin E aids in lowering variety of health problems, from heart disease to cancer and possibly even dementia.

3. UNIF Mixed Berry: Improve Eyesight (Vitamin A)
And for those who seek to improve eyesight, you should try to include UNIF Mixed Berry as one of your daily drinks. UNIF Mixed Berry contains Vitamin A which is critical for good vision, and at the same time, it is also essential for the reproductive health system.

4. UNIF Pomegranate: For Beauty Skin (Vitamin E)
And for beauty seekers, enhance your skin beauty with UNIF Pomegranate that contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the capillary walls in your skin to improve moisture and elasticity and acts as a natural anti-aging ingredient within your body. It also helps to reduce inflammation both within your body and on your skin, helping to maintain healthy, youthful skin.
I tried all the flavours and my favourites are the mixed berry and pomegranate. Both flavours have the fruity taste and they taste especially good after my yoga workout. I sweat a lot after hot yoga and thus I need to make sure that I keep myself hydrated.
As for the veggie flavours, I find their taste a little overwhelming. I do take greens but taking them as a drink is still a challenge for me. However, for the sake of good health, I guess I will still drink them!
And for those who are in a constant battle between craving for unhealthy food and yet wanting to control their diet and staying healthy, drink UNIF. Drink it daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel good without being too hard on yourself!
UNIF 100% Juice 1 Litre recommended selling price S$3.60. 
They are now available in the following key retailers:
1) NTUC – FairPrice, Finest, X-tra
2) Cold Storage
3) Sheng Siong
4) Prime Supermarket
5) Caltex Petrol Marts
6) SPC Petrol Marts

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